Australia And New Zealand Vacation

Australia And New Zealand Vacation – You can travel from the desert of the Red Center to tropical Queensland and follow it all with the glaciers, sea cliffs and snowy mountains of the South Island. Or, take a wildlife-themed trip, from the underwater world of Ningaloo or the Great Barrier Reef to Kaikoura, New Zealand, one of the world’s best whale-watching spots. Combining Australia and New Zealand in a single trip allows you to experience completely contrasting topographies and environments in just a few weeks. And, thanks to ever-improving flight connections, traveling between the two is easier than ever.

It’s natural if you want to visit Australia and New Zealand at the same time: they’re close, and you already have a long plane ride to get to one place. There are many ways to split your time between the two countries—this Australia and New Zealand off-the-beaten-track itinerary is just the beginning.

Australia And New Zealand Vacation

Australia And New Zealand Vacation

Allow at least three weeks. Either way, and I encourage you to focus on just one country.

Australia & New Zealand Cruises: South Pacific Cruises

Five weeks will give you time to leisurely explore three different parts of Australia – Sydney, Uluru/Ayers Rock and the famous Great Barrier Reef group. After that, you can head to New Zealand for a ten-day road trip through the highlights of the South Island.

This question determines where you are going, so it needs to be considered in advance. It’s really about coordinating the best time to travel to New Zealand with the best time to travel to different parts of Australia.

I talk to many people who plan to visit Australia in the summer (December to March) to take advantage of the warm weather in the southern hemisphere. This works well for New Zealand, but there are some caveats for Australia.

Anywhere in Australia south of Brisbane enjoys warm weather and blue skies between December and March. However, this period coincides with the cyclone season in Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Visiting during the Christmas period may exclude Kakadu National Park and the Northern Territory, which receive more rain at this time of year.

Reasons To Visit New Zealand, Now That We Finally Can

So, if you’re thinking of traveling between December and March, consider just how much Australia has to offer. The outback is not limited to the top end of Australia. While you’re preparing for sunset, you can experience the outback in South Australia’s Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park – a land of sand dunes, lone lodges, behemoth cliffs and roaming emus.

You can find out more about ‘Flinders’ (as it’s known) in our South Australian wildlife and landscape guide. And, to escape the heat of the Outback, you can explore the Flinders with a few chilled glasses of wine from the vineyards of the Clare or Barossa Valleys.

If you are not married in the December-March travel season, consider your schedule in October and November. You can see the end of good weather in Queensland in October before heading to Sydney in the spring. By the time you arrive in New Zealand in late October to early November, the days will be long and warm.

Australia And New Zealand Vacation

If you want to see the peak in Australia, go between May and September, but remember that there will be less light in New Zealand at this time of year.

Australia And New Zealand Tours

You have several options for flights between Australia and New Zealand. The flight time is relatively short (Sydney to Auckland three hours, the same length as the flight from Sydney to Uluru).

You are not limited to the main gateway cities of Auckland, Sydney, Queenstown and Melbourne. For example, you can fly from Christchurch to Perth, combining the South Island’s big hitters with time on the beach and in the vineyards of Western Australia’s Margaret River region.

I always try to minimize transit time when connecting Australia and New Zealand. This might make you rethink how much you want to fit into your trip: How many days do you really want to hang out at the airport?

You can also cancel your flight. You can fly into Sydney, then head to Queenstown to start exploring the South Island, before heading to Melbourne to drive the Great Ocean Road. Nothing says you can’t go to Australia twice.

Australia Vacation & New Zealand Trip

You don’t even need to use Sydney as your departure point. Fly direct to Cairns from Singapore or Hong Kong. Start with the Daintree Forest and Great Barrier Reef, then head to Uluru/Ayers Rock and finish your Australian leg in Sydney before heading to New Zealand.

This is tough – you have to accept that you won’t see everything. Start by thinking about each country separately and talking to yourself about what you really want to see in each.

As I said earlier, the beauty of Australia and New Zealand is that despite their proximity, they are very different. In just a few weeks, you can go from shaking the dust off your boots in the outback to strapping on crampons and walking glaciers.

Australia And New Zealand Vacation

If you really don’t know where to start in New Zealand, choose a classic South Island tour. Here you’ll find not only alpine panoramas, vineyards and fjords, but year-round sightings of whales, dusky dolphins, fur seals and more in Kaikoura.

Contrasts Of Australia & New Zealand

With Australia, think about its different ecosystems and the ones that interest you the most. Uluru’s massive, rust-like monolith strikes some; Others are less attractive. The Great Barrier Reef often sits near the top of Australian wish lists, but if you’ve visited great reefs in other parts of the world, you might want to try something new.

When it comes to cities, I often argue the case for Sydney, Melbourne and Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. But, in my book, you can skip Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city: it has the same qualities as Sydney (sparkling beaches and sparkling mountains). There is a direct flight from Sydney to Wellington.

However, if you are keen on bird watching, Auckland might be the best. You are, you say, interested in the opportunity to visit one of the predator-free island reserves off the coast of Auckland.

If wildlife viewing is important to you, you may want to spend more time in Australia – New Zealand does not have the most unique species or wildlife in Australia.

Australia Extends New Zealand ‘travel Bubble’ Pause Amid New Covid 19 Cases

However, it’s a rewarding destination if you’re particularly attracted to marine life or birds, as our New Zealand wildlife guide explains. There are many places to see isolated kiwi, for example, from the hatchery in Rotorua to Stewart Island at the southern tip of New Zealand.

Australia has more than just koalas and kangaroos and other headline species: Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef teems with turtles, reef sharks and, in some places, dugongs. Rare. And, Kangaroo Island in South Australia is worth the extra time. Known as the Australian Galapagos, wildlife (including echidnas, wallabies and koalas) thrive in the island’s pristine environment and the guides here are second to none.

You can also consider not duplicating experiences. If you plan to drive the Great Ocean Road, stopping at its bays and beaches, you can overlook the coastline of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.

Australia And New Zealand Vacation

Instead, consider what doesn’t translate from country to country. I’m a fan of the Grampians, a mountain range with waterfalls in Victoria, but they pale in comparison to the Southern Alps of New Zealand or the volcanoes of the North Island.

Australia New Zealand Travel Bubble Launches With Lopsided Demand

Finally, try not to overdo it. It’s tempting to squeeze in as much as you can in Australia and New Zealand, but you’ll get a better experience if you work in both countries, spending a night here and a night there.

If visiting Rotorua’s geothermal attractions is a priority for you, don’t limit your experience to just one park. One of the best places to cycle in New Zealand, spend three days in Whakarewarewa Forest National Park and cycle among the bubbling fumaroles. Or, explore Inferno Crater Lake in the Waimangu Volcanic Valley, a champagne shade of silica terracing.

Likewise, if you’re visiting Uluru, I encourage you to avoid the crowds at Ayers Rock Resort and visit Mount Connor, a giant monolith located on a private ranch. This is the outback as it should be – not a soul in sight. You can learn more about Mount Connor’s traps in the blog about experiences you didn’t know existed.

Start thinking about your experience. These itineraries are just suggestions on how you can enjoy the same experiences as our experts. They will only serve as inspiration, as your trip will be tailored to your personal taste. First Choice Domestic Holiday Flights Includes Contrasts Australia & New Zealand 18 Day Guided Holiday | From Melbourne

Australia New Zealand Travel Bubble Off To Fast, Emotional Start

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