Best Book For Financial Planning

Best Book For Financial Planning – Financial Planning for Global Living is a solid plan for a financially secure, happy, and well-structured life … anywhere in the world.

Most of us did not have role models who provided the financial or personal guidance we need in this new era of global mobility. Our lives and fortunes are the result of following our parents, who may have been good at the old model, but not the new.

Best Book For Financial Planning

Best Book For Financial Planning

Today, trying to succeed financially and have a successful personal life while using skills and processes developed for living in one country just doesn’t work.

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After extensive training and research and more than 25 years of counseling successful multiracial families, Jennifer Patterson finally discovers the elements to achieving and maintaining long-term success. It turns out that just six pillars have the biggest impact on your success.

Jennifer Patterson will guide you through the necessary steps to master the cross-border, country-based or mono-country lifestyle when it comes to your finances … Outlines all areas of planning and strategy in the Cross-Border Living and Owning Plan , Patterson seems to know his stuff. and writes in a way that a layman can understand… This is a book I recommend to anyone…

…Based on his professional CFP experience and personal experience of international life, Patterson has written an indispensable blueprint of practical, realistic steps people can take to create a plan that allows them to live comfortably in any country, anywhere which is in the world. The advice in this book is aimed primarily at families and couples who want to raise multiracial children, but anyone striving to create an international lifestyle can benefit from this book…

“Although this is perhaps the financial planning profession’s best resource for cross-border planning issues that people face in different national and local jurisdictions,

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“Jennifer Patterson has written a must-read primer for anyone who wants a cross-cultural lifestyle… Read this book and learn from one of the best.

Is a comprehensive field guide that should be included in every international project so that important questions are addressed from the start of this great international adventure.”

Provides practical tools to overcome the crippling fear of uncertainty to help us move forward with our lives. Jennifer Patterson shows us the way to plan a life across borders with enough flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing and unpredictable future and the complex constraints that conflict with local laws. His process allows for both long-term flexibility and short-term focus, never losing sight of what’s important; today, now, we can design and live a personally fulfilling life on our own terms, aligned with our core values ​​and personal aspirations. it recognizes the importance of our human capital as a key component of our wealth. Enjoy!”

Best Book For Financial Planning

“Jennifer Patterson is passionate about the importance of creating a financial foundation that supports individuals and families around the world. This book is the culmination of his many years of experience, both personal and professional, of the realities of life across borders, and it echoes the warmth and wisdom he brings to this often forgotten part of our lives. He combines practical guidance with first-hand understanding of the challenges facing families across borders, helping us achieve long-term security in an ever-changing world.”

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“Having experienced the trials and tribulations of expats in the mid-1990s, I wish I had gotten the information in this book years ago. Jennifer Patterson tackles a complex and emotional subject and provides clear direction for any individual or family trying to navigate the many conflicting forces as you move across the country, move jobs, and leave the safe environment of “home.” Jennifer presents a bold agenda based on strong principles and experience. This book can save you money, marriage/cohabitation, and a lot of emotional turmoil that usually leads to ill health. It’s worth reading and working on the key ideas.”

First, this is unlike any personal finance book you’ve ever read. No fluff or filler, just tools and methodologies developed in the trenches that work.

This isn’t another personal finance book that teaches you how to save money by drinking fewer lattes or cutting back on your lifestyle in some way. This book will teach you how to build a cross-border cash flow plan without budgeting or sacrificing.

This is NOT about how to build a portfolio using diversification or using passive investment tools and hoping it works out. It will introduce cross-border living + property investing and explain why performance measurement alone is insufficient to achieve your goals.

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It’s NOT just about taking more actions you don’t want to take, especially when you don’t see a clear path forward or don’t know where you’ll be physically. It teaches you how to create policies with enough flexibility to adapt to an unpredictable future and complex constraints that conflict with local laws.

This book is a shortcut to a fulfilling, financially secure, happy and well-organized life beyond borders. And it’s easy to read. I’ve made it conversational and cut out as much jargon as possible.

You see, working to maintain a lifestyle or creating or maintaining a family or relationship is always challenging. Add one or more jurisdictions to that equation and the various, often confusing rules and regulations that come with living, investing and working in those jurisdictions, and the daily stress increases exponentially. Many questions arise. Will I be successful? Will my career flourish? Will my family life suffer? Will my children adjust?

Best Book For Financial Planning

But today, trying to succeed financially and have a successful personal life using skills and processes developed for a life lived in one country just doesn’t work.

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Our personal and financial lives have gone from traditional to global, but we don’t have the tools to fully grasp all the options available to us or understand how to avoid the countless pitfalls that can wreck our finances and even relationships ours in danger. when we cross borders.

Can you really create a life + wealth plan even if you don’t have a clear idea of ​​where you will live in the future? Page 28.

The process of setting up a cross-border personal budget is basically the same as for a single-country plan, right? Wrong. There are several areas where adopting a one-country approach has unintended consequences. Here’s a new approach that works better. Page 48.

Say goodbye to complicated explanations of how we build financial capital. Looking at it, this problem is finally solved. Page 39.

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International and cross-border mean the same thing, right? Wrong. Find out the difference and why it’s important to know. Page 18.

Why we all enter from 3 levels of life and lifestyle. And how you can influence your future… even if you can’t see the big picture of your life. Page 69.

Why, even though you have a vision and “SMART” goals, you still wonder why you are “not further ahead”. Or if you can’t agree on what you want in your marriage or relationship, this can help you too. Page 82.

Best Book For Financial Planning

The truth about social security numbers and rules of thumb. How many people do you follow that don’t serve you? Page 112.

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Find out what your most powerful number is. It’s the one number you have the most control over, and you’ve probably never thought of it that way. Page 53.

Your life insurance will cover you wherever you live and will require some adjustments over time, right? Wrong. The lack of coverage may surprise you. Identify the main issues. Page 134.

Jennifer Patterson, CFP®, CIMA®, TEP is a recognized pioneer in the field of cross-border wealth and life design. She has lived abroad for half her life and raised two tri-national children with her dual-citizen husband.

Jennifer is the author of several books on financial planning and wealth management for multinational families, dual citizens and the globally mobile. He speaks on the subject internationally and has also authored books and publications on the subject. Jennifer is the founder of Patterson Partners Ltd., an independent financial advisory firm specializing in cross-border tax and financial planning, known as

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Best Book For Financial Planning

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