Budget Planner Book Office Depot

Budget Planner Book Office Depot – The wait is over! The 2019 Budget Binder is here!! After many early mornings and late nights spent on my computer, I was finally done. I have taken into account all your suggestions and recommendations from last year’s Budget Binder 2018. Based on Dave Ramsey’s financial principles, you will finally get your finances in order, learn to live on a cash budget, pay off debt, save for emergencies, and give like no other!

Whether you’re a longtime reader or just clicked here from Pinterest, I’m so glad you’re here. This means you want to simplify your finances and finally get a written budget. That’s incredible! I am so glad you are taking this step. The 2019 Budget Binder Kit is the perfect first step to get you there.

Budget Planner Book Office Depot

Budget Planner Book Office Depot

This year’s budget binder contains 142 printables to help you finally take control of your finances once and for all. The sheer size of this set can seem overwhelming! But don’t worry, I’ve included a whole section on how to set up and print your link in the beginning!

Our Exclusive Maid Of Honor Planner

Use your 2019 budget binder to set both short-term and long-term financial goals. There’s room for monthly financial planning and bill payment lists so you never have to pay those pesky late fees again!

You will also get monthly budget forms for January-December in 2019! Everything you could possibly need is included. You can use this monthly overview to keep track of deadlines throughout the month, set monthly financial goals, and do any other monthly budget planning!

Next you will find a breakdown of your monthly budget overview. It is the bread and butter of your budget. All your numbers will end up on this form! Start by including your expected income. Then get the important stuff from the top before your money is allocated elsewhere. This includes savings, retirement, college planning, and charity or tithing. Add this number up and subtract it from your total income. That’s what you’ll have left over to budget for everything else!

Separate your accounts in the first and second half of the month. This will help you get a rough idea of ​​what is due and when! This is also helpful if you are paid bi-weekly or weekly, as you can allocate your paychecks to different accounts.

Monthly Budget,monthly Budget Planner Graphic By Watercolortheme · Creative Fabrica

You will see that there are two categories already marked for each section. These are “MONEY FLOWS” and “FUNCTION FUNDS”. You will capture these numbers from other forms. We’ll get there soon!

Finally, add up your total expenses at the bottom left. Then subtract your total expenses from your total income. You should end up with $0. If not, you will need to go back and make adjustments. It’s a zero-based budget, so every dollar in your budget has a specific name and job!

The following form is your SINKING FUNDS spreadsheet. Here you budget everything you need to save for the whole year. Just a few examples of sinking funds include:

Budget Planner Book Office Depot

This list will vary greatly for each family. Sinking funds is one of the best things you can do for your budget. This will almost completely eliminate those months when you stress about all the “extras” that have somehow crept into your budget. Remember, if we know it’s coming, then it’s not an emergency. Let’s all start planning ahead for big expenses!

Ways To Do A Monthly Budget

You will add all the “additions” you plan to make to each fund. That total will be posted on your main budget form in the “SALT FUNDS” section.

The use of cash is one of the main ingredients for this budget. However, I know that carrying cash just isn’t for all of us. That’s why I added a great 3rd cash envelope to this year’s budget.

If you plan to use your debit card for purchases but still want to try this budget, I’ve got you covered. You can use the “Cash Envelope Tracker” to keep track of how much you spend in each of your “money” categories. Simply set your budget, enter your transactions and deduct as you go. Once you’ve spent all the money in that category, it’s time to stop spending!

If you only plan to use cash, you can use either the monthly or weekly cash envelope forms of budgeting. Total your budgeted amount, then add that number to the “CASH INVOICES” section on your master budget form.

Monthly Budget Pre Plan & Recap Worksheets Monthly Budgeting

If you receive any irregular income every month, then the IRREGULAR INCOME form will be perfect for you! This can include overtime, income from a second job or bonuses you may receive. This is a good way to plan ahead for income that you may or may not receive. Having a plan in place will help keep that money from slipping through your fingers!

At the beginning of the month, you will fill out the bottom half of this form. Prioritize how you plan to spend the money. Keep a running total on the right. Once the money comes in, record it on the top half of this form. Then use your plan below to allocate that money to different places.

Expense trackers are a great way for you to keep track of your expenses. They are also a great tool for figuring out how much you should be putting into certain sinking funds each month. Using these forms, you can see from year to year what you spend on things like medical and dental bills, home maintenance, car maintenance and much more!

Budget Planner Book Office Depot

This year I added two budget planners to the budget binder! These budget planners are specifically for Christmas and HOLIDAY budget planning. This is a good way to see how much you need to save.

Adams Home/office Budget Record Book

The vacation budget planner is a great way for you to stay on track during your vacation. The Christmas Budget Planner will help you create a plan, set a budget and stick to it! Plus, it reminds you of all the extras we often forget.

The best part about the Budget Binder 2019 toolkit is that you can use what works for you and leave the rest! It is a comprehensive budgeting tool that will help you ultimately manage your finances. The Happy Planner Budget edition is very similar to the classic vertical version, but with some important differences…

To enlarge the video, click on the square icon in the lower right corner of the video (it will say ‘full screen’ when you hover your mouse over the icon).

The cover is the same as all the other lucky planners – cardboard with a laminate that extends past the tabs to protect them.

Happy Planner Budget Edition Review (pros, Cons & A Video Walkthrough)

One of the main drawbacks of the Happy Planner, in my opinion, is the split boxes. Rather than restarting the date numbering in the empty boxes on the top row, they split a box in 2, which makes no sense (how could anyone write anything in that little triangle?)

There is only 1 note page in the back of the planner. MAMBI does not tend to include extra notes pages. You can either buy their refills or resize a printable.

For some strange reason, Happy Planner doesn’t do the color printing on the back of the tabs (only the front).

Budget Planner Book Office Depot

I wouldn’t use this planner #teamhorizontal, but the paper feels the same as their previous editions, so here are the best results from one of the other versions I checked:

The Six 2022 Planners That Caught My Attention

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No. The planner is very functional, has nice colors, etc. but I don’t like / don’t use vertical planners. I also don’t keep a budget on paper. I used to use budget printouts and then create Excel spreadsheets.

Looking for a planner that includes budgeting contains very few pages specifically for tracking money, so the Happy Planner would be my recommendation.

If you can’t get the Budget Planner or already have a Happy Planner and like the budget pages, this is available as an extension.

Make Your Own Daily Planner

You can also quickly and easily resize any printable to fit the Happy Planner – see this post for a tutorial.

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