Budget Planner Book Paperchase

Budget Planner Book Paperchase – The stationery store I was most excited to visit on my recent trip to London was Paperchase! I visited a few paper shops looking for their plans but didn’t find them until the last one at the train station before boarding the Eurostar to Paris (call!).

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Budget Planner Book Paperchase

Budget Planner Book Paperchase

I wanted to take the packaging off to have a look but waited until I got back to Australia hoping it wouldn’t get damaged. Unfortunately, the cover is slightly worn and there is an indent at the bottom 🙁.

New ! Paperchase

This page is a good idea to give an overview, but fellow Aussies please note that these are only the major public holidays.

However, I like the day of the week and the date (as most companies print the date).

The reason I chose Agenzio is because of the horizontal layout. I really like this arrangement. It reminds me of Mi Goals and Plum Paper Plans.

My favorite weekly layout is the layout for the days of the week on the left page and the to-do list on the right. As the lines between each date are in bold on the right-aligned page, you can use this in a 2-page horizontal format, or use 1 page for work, the other for personal, etc. A compact design that still offers a highly functional layout. It can be used in many ways = <3

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Each weekly page has a monthly calendar below. I like that this isn’t the typical square/block format that some calendars do, but I don’t see the need to have a monthly calendar at the bottom of each weekly page when there are yearly dates in the weekly calendar view. Maybe because there is no monthly calendar.

I don’t mind that this planner doesn’t include one since I don’t mention monthly calendars anyway.

I like the title to be printed on the side of the pages so it’s easy to find the page you want.

Budget Planner Book Paperchase

The pocket folder has plenty of room – it expands by about an inch, although it does limit how much book binding/stitching you can put in. Still pack the planner.

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The paper is very thin which makes the planner look thin, but it means there is a lot of ghosting and some bleeding.

As a weekly schedule for this planner. Horizontal layout with weekly notes, additional page titles printed on the side make it easy to find, built-in bookmarks = mark, mark! If this planner has a disc binder, white paper and paper where the pen won’t bleed, that’s fine with me. 6 weeks of silence with Emirates is doing crazy things to me. Nowadays, I can’t help but notice things online or on the highway and think ‘Ooooh I’m going to be a cabin crew, Ooooh it’s going to be great to be in Dubai’. I visited the Christmas markets in Manchester two weeks ago, and had a great time. On my way I went to Paperchase to pick up some craft supplies.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love consistency. My eyes light up on the most beautiful and perfect clean, newly packed and untouched accessories. Omg, I have a problem. However, I came across this budget planner and am more than happy. I’ve read a lot of Emirates blogs over the last few months, and it seems like some employees are losing their temper and being paid ridiculously. So, I bought this budget planner to help me through my first few months living in Dubai.

I understand that we accept advance payment of the first month’s salary. However, this must be paid back in the next 2 pay checks to keep the funds tight. This budget planner will keep me leaner and leaner so there’s a good chance I’ll be able to accumulate more savings. It’s full of practical tips on saving money, and explains in detail how to improve your budgeting skills. It is also cleverly organized into different sections, and provides a month-by-month layout. I love that it has little pockets inside to hold receipts.

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You can find this beauty at most paper stores or online here. Click the link to be redirected to the website. Perfect for anyone’s budget needs.

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