Business Financial Projections Template

Business Financial Projections Template – Our financial forecasting template will help you build your future schedule and expenses from a payment schedule, an operating income schedule, and sales forecasts to three financial statements.

On the Salaries (current year) worksheet, you enter the salaries of full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors. The model helps you deduct wages, taxes, employee insurance, pensions, and bonus payments so you can focus on the total sum of each item. These monthly wages are then aggregated into summary tables that calculate average hourly wages and monthly wages (all amounts excluding bonuses) by employee type.

Business Financial Projections Template

Business Financial Projections Template

In the Salary (Forecasting) worksheet, you forecast the number of employees to increase during the forecast period. This is the only manual input required for this model. After the estimates are filled in, pre-entered formulas generate salary estimates for a given period and calculate average hourly wages by employee type. You can also estimate the amount of annual taxes, employee insurance, and pension costs.

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In the Sales (current year) worksheet, you will enter the unit sales price, the number of units sold, and the unit cost of goods sold for each product line under the “sales distribution” section. The model then automatically calculates monthly revenue, COGS and gross margin for each product line linked to the summary tables at the top of the work product. You will be able to quickly understand the sales and margins for each product for the current year.

In the Sales (Current Year) worksheet, sales growth rates are entered for the forecast period to include projected revenues, COGS, and gross margins for future years.

Operating Expenses (Current Year) worksheet to enter your operating expenses for the current year. This will help in creating an operating income forecast and income statement.

In the Operating Expenses (Estimation) worksheet, an estimate of operating expenses for the next several years will be calculated using an estimate for each of the costs.

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Financial statements for the current year and forecast period are prepared based on relevant information in sales activity tables and income statements.

This comparison worksheet has two main parts: balance and support plans. Balance sheets such as accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable, and retained earnings will be entered manually, while items such as cash, property and equipment, and long-term debt will be entered in other sections of this financial forecast template. For example, a loan and interest plan under the assistance programs section will help you calculate the loan closing amount and interest costs, which are then added to the balance in the long-term loan and financial statement. interest expense. .

This forecasting worksheet takes the current year’s balance sheet and calculates trends for future years using assumptions such as accounts receivable dates, inventory dates, payables, and operating expenses.

Business Financial Projections Template

Cash flow statements for the current year and forecast period are prepared using the figures included in the financial statements, balance sheets and schedules. Each month’s closing expense balance will be added to the balance sheet, which is expressed as cash under current assets.

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The final part of this financial forecast template is the financial analysis. This worksheet will show you a list of commonly used financial ratios, including profit rates, effective rates, liquidity ratios, and coverage ratios, all of which are calculated using the built-in worksheets. The measures allow you to understand the financial stability of the company and the expected performance in the coming years.

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Business Financial Projections Template

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Business Financial Projections Template

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