Business Plan Financial Projections Sample

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Business Plan Financial Projections Sample

Business Plan Financial Projections Sample

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Simple Business Plan Template For Startup Founders

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Free Startup Plan, Budget & Cost Templates

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How much capital do you need… to start/start your business? Start here with your “shopping list” of financial needs.

Business Plan Financial Projections Sample

I understand that by filling out this form, I agree to receive emails from Business Power Tools about how I can improve my business with tools, ideas, and various products and services. Of course, I can unsubscribe at any time. In this article, we have compiled financial models tested by experts for your business plan. All of them are available for free download in Excel, Google Sheets and PDF formats.

Wedding Venue Business Plan Template Word

This page contains key financial statement templates, including income statement templates, cash flow statement templates, and balance sheet templates. In addition, we deal with the key elements of the financial part of the business plan.

Download and prepare these financial plan templates to include in your business plan. Use historical data and future projections to gain insight into your organization’s financial health to support your business plan and engage stakeholders

Use this financial plan template to organize and prepare the financial section of your business plan. This customizable template helps provide a financial overview, all important assumptions, key financial indicators and ratios, profitability analysis and pro forma financial statements to share key financial information with potential investors.

This financial plan forecasting model comes as a set of pro forma models designed to help startups. The template set includes a 12-month income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, which you can use to determine the company’s current and estimated financial situation.

Financial & Risk Management Analysis

, these income statement templates allow you to make critical business decisions by providing information about your company and illustrating the projected profitability related to the business. The numbers in your income statement directly affect the cash and balance sheet forecasts.

Use this pro forma income statement template to estimate income and expenses over a three-year period. Pro forma income statements take into account historical or market analysis data when calculating estimated sales volumes, sales costs, profit, etc.

Small businesses can use this simple income statement template to estimate income and expenses for a given period. Enter expected revenue, cost of goods sold, and business expenses, and built-in formulas automatically calculate net income.

Business Plan Financial Projections Sample

With this income statement template, you can calculate and value the profits and losses generated by your company over three years. This template provides space to enter the income and expenses associated with running your business and allows you to track performance over time.

The Importance Of Financial Forecasting

For more information, including how to use profit and loss statements, see “Download Free Profit and Loss Templates”.

Use these free cash statement templates to show how efficiently your business handles cash flows and sources. With the cash flow statement, you can analyze the availability of liquid funds and your company’s ability to grow and sustain itself in the long term.

Use this basic cash flow model to compare your company’s cash flow over time. Enter the opening cash balance, then enter receipts, payments, cost of goods sold, and expenses. When you enter these values, built-in formulas calculate the total amount of cash payments, the net cash change, and the cash balance at the end of the month.

Use this cash flow forecasting model, also known as a pro forma cash flow model, to track and compare expected and actual cash flow results on a monthly and annual basis. Enter cash at the beginning of each month, then add receipts (from customers, inventory posting, and other transactions). Finally, add the paid cash balance (purchases made, salary expenses and other cash outflows). After you enter these values, the built-in formulas calculate the cash balance for each month.

Appendix: A Sample Business Plan

Use these cash flow statement templates to analyze how much cash your business has relative to its expenses and liabilities. This set of templates includes a tab to create a monthly cash flow statement, an annual cash flow statement, and a three-year cash flow statement to track cash flow from operations, investments, and financing.

For more information on cash flow management, including creating a cash flow forecast, see “Free Cash Flow Statement Templates.”

Use these free balance sheet templates to convey your company’s financial position over a period of time to potential investors and stakeholders.

Business Plan Financial Projections Sample

Small businesses can use this pro forma balance sheet template to forecast asset, liability, and capital account balances for a specific period of time. Established companies can use this model (and its built-in formulas) to calculate key financial ratios, including working capital.

Business Planning And Costing Made Easy: Free Financial Template!

Use this balance sheet template to assess your company’s financial health monthly, quarterly and annually. This model also allows you to predict your financial situation for a certain period in the future. Once you’ve prepared a balance sheet, you can compare and analyze your assets, liabilities and equity on a quarterly or year-over-year basis.

Use this balance sheet template to compare your company’s current and long-term assets, liabilities and equity from year to year. This template also includes calculations of common financial ratios with built-in formulas, so you can use it to estimate account balances annually.

Sales forecasts are an integral part of a business plan and should support all other parts of your plan, including your market analysis, product offering, and marketing plan. Use these sales forecast templates to estimate future sales and make sure the numbers match the sales numbers on your income statement.

Use this basic forecasting model to forecast sales for a specific product. Collect historical and industry-specific sales data to create monthly and annual estimates of units sold and unit price. Then the predefined formulas calculate the percentages automatically. You will also find information on which months provide the highest percentage of sales and the percentage change in sales from month to month.

Home Health Care Business Plan Template Sample Pages

Use this sales forecast template to estimate a company’s future sales of several products or services over the course of a year. Enter your estimated monthly sales and built-in formulas calculate annual totals. There is also room to record and track sales year over year so you can identify sales trends.

Use this sales forecast template to estimate monthly and annual sales for multiple products over a three-year period. Enter monthly units sold, unit cost, and unit price. When you enter these values, built-in formulas automatically calculate revenue, margin per unit, and gross profit. This template also includes bar charts and line charts that visually display annual sales and gross profit.

Breakeven analysis helps you determine the point at which a company, product or service becomes profitable. This analysis uses a calculation to determine how many service or unit sales you need to make to break even and make a profit.

Business Plan Financial Projections Sample

Use this break-even analysis template to calculate the amount of sales needed to break even. Enter the selling price of the product at the top of the template and add fixed and variable costs. After you enter these values, built-in formulas calculate total variable costs, margin, profit units, and sales values.

Long Term Financial Planning

These business budget templates help you keep track of start-up costs (eg fixed and variable) and expenses (eg one-time and recurring)

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