Can You Make Money With Youtube Shorts

Can You Make Money With Youtube Shorts – Since Snapchat introduced this format and TikTok has made it happen. Short-form vertical videos are popping up everywhere. Instagram jumped into the vertical video segment with its Stories and Stories feature, and Facebook (which owns Instagram) copied the format to Facebook Stories during the pandemic. Vertical video has gone viral, with teens watching an average of 80 minutes a day on TikTok.

Now YouTube is working on that too. Earlier this month, the company (a division of Google) introduced Shorts, a new feature that lets creators upload short, vertical videos to the platform. It adds TikTok-like innovations such as music, colorful text, images. Short videos show up on YouTube channels alongside existing videos from creators, and YouTube also shows up in a dedicated area in the YouTube app.

Can You Make Money With Youtube Shorts

Can You Make Money With Youtube Shorts

The best part? YouTube has expressed interest in helping creators monetize their short videos and turn them into a stable news source. As a result, the company has committed to paying creators at least $100 million for their short videos. Their until 2022. The important thing is that you can earn from short videos even if you don’t participate. You are not participating in the YouTube Affiliate Program, which means monetization of this short video is available to both the public and the new channel. We will explore in more detail the possibilities of earning from shorts below.

Tech: Youtube Shorts Offers Broader Monetising Options For Creators

YouTube is a video and advertising giant with more than $15 billion in ad revenue each year. Billions of revenue go directly to creators. I make thousands every year from my YouTube channel. With the platform’s influence, reach and revenue, joining Shorts makes sense. Especially since you can join directly from the ground floor.

Here’s how to create short YouTube videos. What types of short content work best? And how to monetize your share of $100 million from Google.

Creating short videos is very easy if you already have a YouTube channel, this feature is available if you live in the US or India. (It may be available elsewhere soon.) If you don’t already have a channel, You can create a channel for free.

When your channel is live Download the YouTube app on your phone, open the app and tap the big + sign at the bottom of the app to create new content. You will see a button to create a short video.

How To Make Money From Youtube’s New Shorts Platform

Press the button and the Shorts camera will open. You can press and hold the red button and instantly shoot a 15-second vertical video. You can also click on bottom left gallery to open your phone gallery and select the video you saved earlier. (I tend to pre-record videos outside of the YouTube app, edit them in Adobe Premiere Rush, then upload them from the library.) You can switch to selfie mode. Adjust the recording speed. or add music

Music, in particular, is an area where YouTube should have a huge advantage. TikTok allows creators to embed clips, but in many cases YouTube works directly with artists or agencies, which may allow it to negotiate better terms with artists. And cover more music categories in the future You can also remix audio from multiple YouTube videos.

Once you have recorded or selected your video. You can add features. Include the text that appears on your video. (Adjust the duration using the timeline button). You can also trim the video. Remove the start or end point. and add a filter These are a standard feature of almost all short vertical video applications. At launch, Shorts had far fewer features than the industry-leading TikTok. But you can expect YouTube to add such features sooner.

Can You Make Money With Youtube Shorts

Finally, you add a caption for your short video (up to 100 characters) and publish it. Your short video goes live and appears alongside other videos on your channel.

Youtube Shorts Feature Leads To Subscriber Growth But Revenue Lags

What kind of content should you create for your short videos? YouTube has detailed tutorials that provide ideas and inspiration. “Facilitating the next generation of creators” is an important clue. TikTok’s largest audience is under 20, and YouTube may try to attract this audience. So a short film that focuses on youth culture should be a success.

The guide also describes short videos as Once again talking about “short storytelling” and talking about “the joys of short video”, there’s a clue there. Storytelling is absolutely key — vertical video in general. And in particular, TikTok succeeds in short stories that you can use in 30–60 seconds. It could be a dance party. Pets wearing Halloween costumes The person who receives and unpacks the product Or did you learn something important about your industry? Storytelling is the key.

Like the concept of “happiness,” TikTok has a dark side, of course, but popular videos tend to be silly, well-meaning, and lighthearted fun — in the form of dancing. Comedy stunts, exciting new acts, and so much more — are big topics on TikTok, and Shorts seems to focus on the idea of ​​playful content as well. as creator That means highlighting your short videos on fun and shareable topics that are relevant to your channel’s general topic.

Shorts also focuses on mobile-first advertising. As the guide said, the first YouTube videos were short clips with a mobile aesthetic. filmed at the zoo Since then, more and more YouTube videos have been optimized and produced. This helps create great content in certain contexts. But it can completely change new builders or low-budget builders. They worry that without perfect thumbnails or professionally edited videos They won’t be able to succeed on YouTube.

Youtube Shorts: Making Money And Getting An Invite To The Shorts Fund

The short video seems to deliberately challenge those assumptions. Encourage creators to create content quickly and stay original. The manual states that “Honor random, real, unfiltered videos” on the new platform. I like this because I tend to avoid creating too much YouTube content.

Important: YouTube recommends adding metadata to your short videos once you’ve uploaded them. including full description They also encourage you to add the hashtag #shorts to your video title. Additionally, they ask you not to add custom thumbnails to your short videos. Because that thumbnail will not be displayed anywhere short videos are shown. This isn’t clear from Shorts’ interface.

Where did the shorts appear? YouTube’s instructions indicate that it will appear in a dedicated new Shorts tab in the YouTube mobile app. On YouTube’s home screen and in YouTube search and on creator’s channel pages, CREATE because YouTube has invested at least $100 million into this program. So there’s a chance they could promote their short videos elsewhere or even create a dedicated short app.

Can You Make Money With Youtube Shorts

This guide provides additional short video best practices. If your channel is not suitable for short content, YouTube recommends that you create a new channel dedicated to short videos. They say you can publish short videos as many times as you like. But it implies that daily short video content will be very good. and added that publishing regularly “May be helpful” Subscribers who opted in to receive notifications from your channel will not be notified when you publish a short video. So you don’t have to worry about them getting tons of new content.

Youtube Launches Its $100 Million Fund For Shorts In India And More Countries

The guide also tells to “enhance the color” by adding “improvements such as creative lighting, “Costume or Location” again in your short video, focusing on mobile video. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the location and take pictures with your phone. The guidelines also encourage creators to “Grab viewers’ attention as they scroll,” engage them “within the first few seconds of your video.” If you’re used to YouTube in general, a 5-10 second intro is fine. Change your strategy Paste the intro and go straight to your short video. or doing something impressive from the start And introduce yourself after you’ve grabbed the attention of your audience.

Another important difference between regular YouTube and Shorts? YouTube is usually very relatable. Lots of people tend to come back to the original creator and develop a relationship with them over time. Short videos are different — most people who watch your short videos won’t watch your other videos. That’s why YouTube says you should make one. “Independent content that doesn’t need your brand’s context” if new visitors can understand and enjoy your short video within 5 seconds of viewing. Shows that you’re on the right track.

YouTube plans to release a short report each month to share more insights. So far, the most popular short videos appear similar to the most popular videos on TikTok. They showcase things like cliff jumpers, pranks, dances, or product demos in creative ways. A clip highlighting popular products shows someone using a sharpener to sharpen a horribly rusted knife. and use it to cut tomatoes Another video with millions of views. It shows a person painting a wall in less than a minute by vigorously rolling the paint.

Like TikTok, these are all visually appealing and have narrative elements. Even a successful product clip There must be a clear starting point, middle and ending point. We saw a very rusty knife that could not cut anything. the hand of a company user

What Is Youtube Shorts And Earn Money

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