Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

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Online degree programs in hospitality and tourism management are in high demand. This is due to the fact that many service industries need graduates who can become skilled employees and managers.

Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and similar companies and organizations are constantly looking for experienced and qualified people to fill vacancies.

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With an online degree program in hospitality and tourism management, individuals with a real service focus have the opportunity to complete their degree at their own pace.

These programs typically include the principles of business administration in classes that focus on the travel, hospitality, and tourism industries. Their courses cover management techniques, industry tips and strategies for effective meetings and events, travel and tourism management, basic procurement, marketing and general management.

We’ve rounded up the best online schools for a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management in the country. To compile our list, we used an approach that considered key parameters such as program features, course options, financial aid options, and tuition. We also highlight the unique features of the online degree programs each school offers.

Florida International University offers approximately 200 programs, mostly undergraduate, graduate, and graduate, in 12 colleges. It offers an online Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree from the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism.

The Four Main College Degree Types

Through co-curricular and co-curricular activities, the degree program aims to prepare students after graduation for specific careers in food and beverage, the hospitality industry and international tourism, as well as event management.

Online students should study logistics, finance, operations, accounting and business management to increase their chances of being hired by the highest paying companies. Students must work in the internship program for 1,000 hours in industry and complete 300 hours of advanced internship. A Success Coach is assigned to each student to ensure that students are succeeding.

East Carolina University offers an online bachelor of science degree in hospitality management through its College of Business and School of Hospitality Leadership. It gives students a solid foundation in the humanities.

Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

This specific degree program aims to prepare graduates for management opportunities in lodging, food and beverage, conventions and special events.

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The ECU School of Hospitality Leadership has the largest hospitality program in North Carolina and one of the largest in the Southeast. It has existing partnerships with universities in South America and has established close relationships with companies such as Darden Restaurants, Biltmore Estate, ARAMARK and Chick-Fil-A for internship opportunities.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is considered the flagship campus of the UMass system. The university has at least 30,000 students. One of its oldest departments is the hotel and tourism management department.

UMass Amherst offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. It aims to train students through business courses such as statistics, microeconomics, macroeconomics and corporate finance. Online students can match their degree with their professional and personal goals through a variety of course options.

Fort Hays State University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality program through the institution’s Virtual College. This ensures adequate preparation of graduate students for effective managerial work in the field of hospitality and tourism. Online students also align their degree programs with their professional and personal goals.

Community Colleges Will Offer Bachelor’s Degree

Transfer credit from military experience, credit from the exam and other accredited institutions. Online master’s programs mainly focus on the following fields: event management, wellness tourism, and hospitality.

Robert Morris University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Hospitality and Tourism Management in the School of Business. It offers preparatory courses in natural sciences, economics, social sciences and humanities. Practical experience can be gained through internships,

Robert Morris University’s online master’s program is ranked among the top 12 programs in the country for access to learning. Additionally, the university’s overall acceptance rate for this degree program is 93%.

Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

Monroe College is a private educational institution and graduate school founded in 1933. The school consists of 7000 students. It also has a wide range of programs, which are usually Heath degree certificates and Master’s degrees.

You Don’t Need A College Degree To Land A High Paying Trade Job

The college offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management program. Aims to provide students with adequate knowledge and skills in managing food and beverage costs, staffing and scheduling, planning events and leisure opportunities, and managing hotels, motels and resorts.

The online master’s program is well recognized for its 91% placement rate and 100% on-time completion. Monroe College is also considered one of the best educational institutions that offer affordable tuition.

The School of Hospitality Management at Washington State University (WSU) is one of the oldest programs in the country and has an outstanding list of researchers. The university also offers an online bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.

It helps students acquire the basic knowledge and skills required for various opportunities in the hospitality industry, such as convention centers, hotels, famous tourist attractions, and senior living facilities. The course provides students with skills in operations, service, sales, consulting and event planning.

Bachelor Of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering Technology

International experience options are offered to online students. These include study abroad programs, approved courses, and international internship opportunities.

Northern Arizona University (NAU) offers an online bachelor’s degree in hospitality and restaurant management in the School of Hospitality and Restaurant Management. It provides extensive practical experience, off-campus internships and in-depth coursework.

The program will help students develop strong problem-solving, tapping and critical thinking skills. Online master’s degree programs also prepare graduates for careers in development management, hospitality management, or general restaurant management.

Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

NAU was rated as the most affordable online college. Courses offered are in a hybrid format, meaning some courses are taken online while others can be taken at the Arizona campus.

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Johnson & Wales University offers a variety of bachelor’s degrees in four areas of concentration in the College of Business, College of Hospitality, College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Culinary Arts.

Due to the high demand for qualified hospitality professionals, Johnson & Wales University offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management. The program is offered through JWU Online to teach students the management skills necessary for successful careers in food and beverage, lodging, event planning and tourism. Online students can gain hands-on experience through internships.

JWU’s online hospitality students have the opportunity to attend the National Hospitality Association’s annual conference and job fair for resume meeting skills, networking, mock interviews and interviews with hospitality industry professionals.

The University of Alabama offers online Bachelor of Science in Human Environment, Restaurant, Hospitality and Conference Management programs. It aims to provide students with the basic knowledge of hotel management.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The program also allows students to learn problem solving and competent management strategies. One of its goals is to prepare graduates for specialized careers in sales and conference services, the hotel and resort industry, and food and service management.

Online students at the University of Alabama are assigned an advisor to help them select appropriate online courses and complete their academic requirements.

The University of South Carolina has more than 49,000 students. The university offers an online bachelor of science degree in hospitality management through the Beaufort and Palmetto College program. Students can also align their degree with their professional goals with courses that focus primarily on catering, tourism and hospitality.

Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

The College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management focuses on industry knowledge, career development and experiential learning. World-renowned teachers teach online courses.

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Arizona State University (ASU) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism online through the W.P. Carey School of Business. The course prepares graduates for a variety of roles and careers in tourism and tourism development and commercial leisure.

The degree program focuses on recreation, sports, travel, tourism and related areas of education.

Troy University offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality, Sports and Tourism Management in the School of Hospitality, Sports and Tourism Management. Students are trained in hotel and restaurant management, resort management, event management, casino and club management, and other hospitality-related jobs. It also aims to improve students’ communication, analysis and critical thinking skills.

Troy University offers online degrees to students with three areas of specialization: hospitality management, tourism, and sports management.

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Utah Valley University offers an online Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management from the Woodbury School of Business.

The undergraduate program at Utah Valley University provides career counseling and academic opportunities, online coursework, internships, and employment opportunities after graduation.

Norfolk State University (NSU) is a public liberal arts college with more than 7,000 students. NSU has

Colleges That Offer Bachelor Degrees

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