Colleges That Offer Hospitality Management

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Colleges That Offer Hospitality Management

Colleges That Offer Hospitality Management

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Diploma In Hospitality Management » Bac Sg

Hospitality Management and Tourism is the study of the hospitality industry. A degree in the subject can be awarded through a university college dedicated to hospitality management studies or a business school with a related department.

Hospitality management degrees may also be referred to as hotel management, hotel and tourism management, or hotel administration. Degrees awarded in this academic field include BA, Bachelor of Business Administration, BS, BASc, B.Voc, MS, MBA, Master of Management, PhD and short term courses. Hospitality management covers hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, country clubs and more.

In the US, hospitality and tourism management curricula follow similar applications of the core business-level subject, but with a focus on tourism development and hospitality management. The main subjects include accounting, administration, trepreurship, finance, information systems, marketing, human resource management, public relations, strategy, quantitative methods, and sectoral studies in various fields of the hospitality business. Some programs in India also include cooking training.

In an industry-wide survey of sior managers from luxury hotels in 2013, a market survey of hospitality employers was conducted regarding their opinions of top hospitality management schools. Laureate Hospitality Education, a division of Laureate Education Inc, commissioned TNS to conduct each of these surveys, and 2 of the 10 schools (numbers 6, 8) belonged to Laureate Hospitality Education. The result appears as follows:

Conventional Hospitality Management Training Tips

The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research has completed a review of the world’s leading hospitality and tourism programs. The results appear as follows: In this ranking, we highlight the 50 most affordable small colleges for a degree in hospitality administration and management.

To develop this article, we consulted the NCES College Navigator, researching schools with an enrollment of less than 3,000 students and offering an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in one of the following majors.

Of these nearly 150 schools, we selected the 50 with the lowest net prices according to College Navigator. The net price is the average amount students pay in the first year. This represents tuition and fees minus standard pricing.

Colleges That Offer Hospitality Management

The most expensive school comes in at an average of $17,000 net, and the least expensive is less than $1,000 average net! And not a single school in our top 20 is higher than a net price of $10,000 per year.

College Of Tourism And Hospitality Management

What is special about this ranking? What impresses us is the depth and breadth you can find at an affordable level of hospitality – a level that can set you on the path to a rewarding and profitable career.

Charleston Southern University offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Organizational Management with a concentration in Hospitality & Tourism Management. The 125-credit hour, four-year academic program combines traditional coursework with hands-on learning experiences as students explore topics such as introduction to the hospitality industry, organizational behavior for the hospitality industry, fundamentals of tourism planning and development, and economics of tourism . . In Case Studies for Hospitality and Tourism, students will have the opportunity to apply industry theory to a number of real-world situations. The curriculum also has a strong liberal arts component, including foreign language studies and Christian studies.

International Business College, Fort Wayne offers three different options for students interested in receiving credentials in the field of hospitality administration and management – a 10-month diploma program, a 16-month associate degree program, and a 34 -month bachelor option. Students will benefit from small class sizes and industry-trained instructors as they study topics such as global tourism, meeting and event planning, guest relationship management, human relations in the workplace, hospitality and tourism marketing, computerized reservations, and travel agency operations among many others. others. An externship allows students to gain valuable real-world experience and network with industry leaders and employers.

Northwood University offers a bachelor’s degree program in Hospitality Management at its Michigan campus. According to the school, many graduates of this program have become successful entrepreneurs in the sector as owners of their own restaurants, lodges, or bed and breakfasts. Specific topics include Fundamentals of Management Accounting, Facilities Engineering, Resort and Club Management, Hospitality Operations Management, Philosophy of American Enterprise, and current issues in the Hospitality Industries among other relevant topics. Students must also complete two practicums and an internship of three credit hours to earn their degree.

Cambrian College Relaunching Hospitality Management Program

The University of Pittsburgh Bradford offers a four-year Bachelor of Science program in Hospitality Management that includes 800 hours of hands-on learning experiences at nearby tourist attractions such as Holiday Valley Ski Resort and Glendorn. Students will learn hospitality fundamentals in courses such as Service Industry Structure and Management, Hospitality Information Systems, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Principles of Food Preparation, and Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism. The program also consists of a liberal arts curriculum, which will be completed in the first two years of study.

Great Bay Community College is located in one of the most popular tourist regions in the state of New Hampshire, making it an attractive option for those looking to pursue a career in hospitality. The school offers two associate degree options for students – the Direct Career option and the University Transfer option. The Direct Career option is designed for students who intend to work in industry immediately after graduation, while the University Transfer option prepares students to continue their education to obtain a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from a four-year university

The Bradford School offers two options for students interested in studying hospitality administration and management – a 10-month diploma program and a 16-month associate degree program. Both programs are designed to emphasize only industry-specific topics to expedite program completion. Specific course titles include Sales and Customer Service, Guest Relationship Management, Travel Agency Operations, and Meeting Management. Students pursuing an Associate degree in Hospitality and Travel will receive additional training and instruction in the areas of marketing, administration, and management. Graduates can find employment opportunities in travel agencies, cruise lines, car rental agencies, corporate travel departments, and hotels and resorts.

Colleges That Offer Hospitality Management

Livingstone College’s Bachelor of Science degree program in Hospitality Management is a 120-credit hour program consisting of 56 hours of general education hours, 52 hours of required core courses, and 12 hours of elective courses in hospitality. Specific courses include Sanitation and Safety, Food Planning and Prep, Purchasing and Cost Control, Restaurant and Table Service, and Legal Environment in Hospitality. Students have the option of choosing electives to support one of three concentrations—Lodging Operation Management, Event Management, and Food and Beverage Management.

University Of Houston’s Hilton College Offers Hands On Hospitality Management Programs To Prepare Students For Their Future

Delta State University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Hospitality Services Management from the school’s College of Business in the Department of Management, Marketing and Business Administration. The program consists of general education courses along with courses in hospitality law, restaurant management, and hospitality accounting among other industry-specific subjects. The program was inspired by Mississippi’s growing hospitality industry and prepares students for employment in one of the Magnolia State’s many restaurants, hotels or tourist attractions. Students must complete 39 credit hours of business classes and fulfill an internship requirement to earn this degree.

The International Business College offers two options for students interested in pursuing a career in hospitality administration and management – ​​a diploma program and an associate degree program. The diploma program is a 10-month program designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as food service managers or hotel managers. The Travel and Hospitality Associate Degree Program consists of a more involved curriculum and takes 16 months to complete. The school has an impressive 80% graduation rate for these programs, which is significantly higher than most 2-year public colleges.

Bryant and Stratton’s Southtowns campus offers students the opportunity to pursue a career in hospitality administration and management in and around the city of Orchard Park, New York. The school’s Associate of Applied Science degree program in Restaurant and Hotel Management prepares students to enter the hospitality management field in an entry-level capacity or continue their education in the field. The curriculum will expose students to a variety of different management philosophies, giving them the opportunity to choose an approach that suits their personalities, preferences and specific hospitality scenario.

Lackawanna College offers a Hospitality Management Degree program for aspiring leaders in the field of hospitality administration and management. This progressive program includes core concepts of human resource management, marketing, customer service, strategic branding, business management, and accounting, but goes a step further to include concepts such as sustainability and environmental stewardship to train the next generation of

Best Jobs A Hospitality Management Degree Can Offer

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