Colleges That Offer Marine Biology

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College Magazine ranks the University of New England seventh in the nation on its “Top 10 Marine Biology Colleges” list. It is the only school in New England to make the top 10 on the list.

Colleges That Offer Marine Biology

Colleges That Offer Marine Biology

The journal credits itself with offering much more than general marine biology. You’ll notice that the University offers a variety of specific options, such as a minor and bachelor’s degree in marine affairs, a minor and bachelor’s degree in aquaculture, as well as marine entrepreneurship and a bachelor’s in marine science in a program called MARMAT, a dual major in marine science and applied mathematics.

Marine Biology Major

“This ranking reflects our faculty’s commitment to our students, the wonderful facilities on campus and the school’s location,” said Charles Tilburg, Ph.D., president of the School of Marine Programs. “Whether it’s our marine affairs students leading a coastal cleanup or our marine science students conducting their own research, our location and facilities allow our students to gain real-world experience in the marine environment.”

“Being right on the coast is not only beautiful, it also offers many opportunities for experiential learning,” is quoted by Abigail Hayne magazine (Marine Sciences, ’19). “I also like the smaller size of the school. My classes are very small compared to a larger state school, which allowed me to get to know my teachers very well.”

The magazine also draws attention to marine research in , offering scholarships, research grants, projects and programs in the specializations of students’ choice. The School of Marine Programs also partners with some impressive maritime organizations and companies, such as the United States Naval Academy and Maine’s Office of North Atlantic Development.

Abigail Hayne says College Magazine being on the coast offers students many opportunities for experiential learning

Top 10 Marine Biology Colleges

Student Emily Hanson works in the lab with Carrie Byron, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Marine Sciences

The University of New England is Maine’s largest private university with nationally recognized degree programs in marine science, including degrees in aquarium science and aquaculture, degrees in marine policy, and degrees in maritime business and entrepreneurship. Marine programs are centered at our Biddeford campus on the coast of Maine, a state-of-the-art Marine Science Center, a fleet of marine research vessels, and the marine research island itself. The University of Oregon is a public university located between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains in Eugene, Oregon. The University of Oregon offers the only official marine biology degree in the Pacific Northwest.

The university is home to the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB), where undergraduate and graduate students can study marine biology. For undergraduates, the University of Oregon offers Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s degrees in marine biology.

Colleges That Offer Marine Biology

Lower-level courses are held on the OU Eugene campus. Higher level courses are held on the OIMB campus, where all known laboratories and research take place. Undergraduate students participate in many hands-on research. There are also opportunities to study abroad through the Tropical Marine Biology course at the University in Panama and much more.

Zoology And Marine Biology (as)

Florida International University is a highly regarded public research university focused on producing meaningful research and creative activity. The university is a great choice for marine biology as it is close to the Atlantic Ocean.

FIU marine biology graduate students provide a solid foundation in structural and evolutionary biology, physiology, diversity of organisms, physical oceanography, and ecology.

Florida International University’s marine biology program takes advantage of its coastal location. Students have access to the university’s many marine biology facilities and laboratories, including the Aquarium Room, Mesocosms, Aquarius Reef Base and more.

What better place to study marine biology than Hawaii? Located in the small beach town of Hilo on the island of Hawaii, the University of Hawaii at Hilo is full of opportunities.

Marine Science & Oceanography

UH Hilo offers bachelor’s and bachelor’s degrees in marine science. The mission of the marine science program is to inspire and enlighten students through hands-on interactive learning, research engagement, and community outreach. The program focuses on the natural and cultural environment of the island of Hawaii.

There are many opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom. Students can participate in research using marine vessels, receive CUBA diving training for specific research, and use the scanning electron microscopy laboratory.

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry is an acclaimed school of environmental sciences in Syracuse, New York.

Colleges That Offer Marine Biology

SUNY ESF offers a BS in Aquatic and Fisheries Science in its forestry and environmental biology department. As part of the program, students study the aquatic ecosystems of wetlands, streams, lakes, estuaries and oceans.

Marine And Aquatic Biology

AFS students also participate in at least six credit hours of field-based biology teaching as part of graduation requirements. Students also have the opportunity to work in a variety of research facilities on and off campus.

California State University, Monterey Bay is a 4-year public school located just 1 mile from the shores of Monterey Bay. The campus is small, with just over 7,500 students, which allows students to receive personalized attention in every class.

Cal State Monterey Bay offers a BS in Marine Science. Its Research Diving Program provides research-focused diving instruction and certification for students.

Students interested in research can find opportunities through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, which provides information on research programs, internships, and even expeditions. Specific marine science research opportunities are also available through the Marine Science Research program.

Marine Science High School Course

The University of New Hampshire is a top-notch research university with a 92% success rate. The university is located on a beach off the coast of New Hampshire. UNH offers a BS in Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology.

The program is great for students interested in freshwater biology. As UNH is located near many freshwater reserves, as well as close to the Atlantic Ocean, students have the opportunity to study and research near freshwater and saltwater environments.

There are many research and internship opportunities available through the university. In addition, there are many study trips abroad for students of the MEF Biology course. Students can choose to study abroad in New Zealand or study abroad at Shoals Marine Laboratory, which is operated by UNH and Cornell.

Colleges That Offer Marine Biology

Students who major in Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Biology are encouraged to specialize in a related subject such as zoology, sustainability, marine policy, plant biology, foreign language, and more.

Marine Biology Scholarship Winners Ready For Maria Island

The University of California Los Angeles is a premier university with a mission to integrate education, research and service through an emphasis on discovery, creativity and innovation.

UCLA offers a BS in Marine Biology through the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The program is rigorous and satisfying for students who want research to be an integral part of their degree.

The extensive Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ) is what sets UCLA apart from other marine biology schools. Through the mandatory MBQ program, UCLA students have traveled around the world to study marine biology and participate in research. The MBQ program allows students to gain real-world experience as marine biologists prior to graduation.

Oregon State University is a nationally ranked public university. Although there is no dedicated degree in marine biology, OSU offers a bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in marine biology.

Bachelor’s In Marine Biology| Nova Southeastern University

Students will participate in their marine biology research at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center off the coast of Newport, Oregon.

Marine Biology courses include: Marine Biology and Ecology, Introduction to Marine Life in the Sea, Coastal Ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest, and Marine and Estuarine Invertebrate Biology.

Eckerd College is a private liberal arts college located on the waterfront in St. Petersburg, Florida. The university is one of the best marine biology colleges in Florida because of its location and hands-on educational approach.

Colleges That Offer Marine Biology

Although the bachelor’s degree is in marine science, students interested in marine biology have the option of studying along the marine biology track. This track provides specialist education with an emphasis on ocean-based biological and geological studies.

Colleges In Australia For Marine Biology (top 10 Results)

The university’s marine science program is a truly unique experience. The hands-on curriculum is designed to give students as many field experiences as possible. Students can find research and internship experiences in the marine science laboratory, on the university’s teaching ships, during summers at the Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences, field research with the Eckerd College Dolphin Project, and much more.

The University of Maine is a small public university with a large and strong marine science program. With more than 30 marine science faculty members, the University of Maine contains the largest concentration of marine specialists in Maine.

Through the School of Marine Science, students can earn a B.S. in Marine Sciences with a specialization in marine biology. A student receives the education and training of a regular biology program, but with each class focused on marine organisms.


B.s. In Marine Biology And Sustainable Aquaculture

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