Couples Financial Planning Worksheet

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That’s why we’ve selected the best budget templates for each person, goal, and preferred program (Numbers, Google Sheets, Excel, etc.).

Couples Financial Planning Worksheet

Couples Financial Planning Worksheet

Whether you want to get out of debt, take control of your finances, manage your money better, or just need a simple monthly budget template, we’ve got you covered.

Free Budget Printables To Track Your Family’s Expenses

Do you know what you want? Use the table of contents below to find the type of free budget template you’re looking for.

We’ve rated the best budgeting apps, but here’s a list of the best budgeting spreadsheets and templates for those who prefer a more collaborative approach.

If you’re completely new to budgeting and want to get started quickly without a lot of thought, we recommend Kiplinger’s Family Budget Worksheet.

Related App: If you want a simple overview of your finances, Rocket Money is our top pick for a free budgeting app. It is ad-free and displays basic information on the dashboard. Read more in our Rocket Money review.

Couples Budget Spreadsheet With Shared And Personal Expenses

The Aspire Budget Template is perfect for those who want to create a monthly budget while tracking other important financial KPIs like net worth.

One budget template that stood out during my research was the Aspire Budget. The template is free, but comes with more features than most paid options.

Related post: Budgeting can be time-consuming, especially if you use the envelope method that Aspire uses. If you’re looking for something that automatically pulls data from your bank account and tracks how much goes in, check out GoodBudget.

Couples Financial Planning Worksheet

If your reason for budgeting is to pay off debt, check out Wealth’s free ways to budget and reduce debt.

Use A Printable Budget Worksheet To Organize Your Finances

If your goal is to get out of credit card debt, research shows that debt relief is the most effective strategy.

With the debt snowball method, you pay down debt from the smallest to the largest balance. That way, you see results quickly and feel like you’re getting better with each payment.

In our guide to getting out of debt, we’ve included a free budgeting and debt reduction template that can help you build your debt. Although the budget part of this template is simple, it packs a punch. Specifically, it shows you how many months until you are debt free.

If you are struggling to get out of debt, it may take months before you become debt free. All financial decisions should be about reducing this amount. Therefore, only by knowing this number can you prioritize your decisions to achieve your debt-free goal.

Free Google Docs Budget Templates

Choose an app to try: YNAB. Tens of thousands of people struggling with debt have turned to YNAB (short for “You Need a Budget”) to manage their finances. The app has a very loyal user base and dedicated community. In fact, their subreddit has over 135,000 members.

Although the Kiplinger Budget Spreadsheet mentioned at the beginning of this article is downloaded as a CSV file (which is compatible with the numbers), there are better options for Mac users. In fact, Apple has created 10 personal finance number templates that you can access.

If you’re looking for a basic but fun budget template, we recommend Apple’s Simple Budget Template. With this budget template, you’ll include your salary and additional income. You will then use the budget categories to map out your expected expenses for the next month.

Couples Financial Planning Worksheet

Your expenses will fall on a color-coded graph that shows you the percentage and how much you’re spending in each category. Some industries include real estate, food, transportation, utilities, restaurants, and entertainment.

Free Printable Budget Templates To Help You Manage Your Money

App to try: Make is a free personal budgeting app. It’s perfect for those who want to track spending, watch their money grow, and quickly view all their financial accounts in one place.

Dave Ramsey’s monthly cash flow planning worksheets can help you not only keep track of where your money is going, but also help you create a management plan.

Many studies have shown that watching what you eat is effective for weight loss. If you write down every bite you eat, you won’t be lying.

You can use the same concept in budgeting by tracking income and expenses. Specifically, this means writing down every dollar that comes in and out of your life. It’s time-consuming, but it will give you a lot of insight into your spending habits in each of the options mentioned in this article.

Restaurant Budget Template

Our favorite printable budget template comes from Dave Ramsey. An explanation of budgeting using the method and printout methods can be found in Dave Ramsey’s in-depth article on joint spending planning.

This ready-made template is about budgeting based on the payment period. So, if you get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month, you give every dollar that comes in and out of your life into the pay period.

If you don’t use the money you donate, you budget and make rational decisions about what to do with the rest of the money (for example, pay down debt).

Couples Financial Planning Worksheet

App to try: Ramsey Solutions’ EveryDollar app uses Dave Ramsey’s zero-based budgeting method. The app costs $129 per year.

How To Create A Personal Budget In Wps Office Excel?

Daily budgeting with a poor person’s budgeting spreadsheet can ensure you have enough money to take care of your needs.

With this spreadsheet you can enter your income and expenses. Here’s where it gets weird: the remaining amount will be divided by how many days are left in the month.

You’ll see the total amount you can spend, so if you go over that amount, you’ll have to do it another day or your budget won’t survive the month.

A simple college budget template is filled with typical income and expenses that college students should consider.

Free Monthly Budget Printable For Kids

College students have a very different budget category than working people, and a very different income status.

Keeping track of your expenses and seeing them regularly is a great way to improve your financial decision-making skills. This is your quick answer.

The best thing about free budget templates is that they allow you to build on what other people are already doing. That way, you don’t have to start from scratch and can customize the template to your liking.

Couples Financial Planning Worksheet

The best way to budget is to go back to your last two or three expenses and break down each expense. That way, you get a set of customized budget categories to spend your money on.

How To Create A 50 30 20 Budget (free Excel Template)

Again, this is just one example of a personal budget and it’s not for everyone. Your spending categories will vary depending on your financial goals.

However, knowing your budget percentages allows you to see if your current spending plan is not working well.

For example, if you spend 20 percent of your income on transportation (10 percent more than recommended), you will have to pay for it elsewhere.

The 50/30/20 rule of budgeting states that 50% of your take-home pay should go towards necessities, 30% towards lifestyle (interests) and 20% towards savings goals (eg paying off debt, savings, a house), and long-term investments such as retirement short-term financial goals).

Ultimate Budget Template For Google Sheets

We’ve listed our favorites here, but in our research, we’ve found that Google Image Search is the preferred way to find the best templates.

Tiller Money is a premium add-on for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel that will automatically update your budget spreadsheet. It keeps track of transactions as well as account and investment account balances. Service costs $79 per year.

Because everyone’s financial situation is different, there is no one best way to create your budget. So the best budget template works for you.

Couples Financial Planning Worksheet

Here’s the thing: it takes time to find what works for you. Even then, it takes time to find a template usage process that works for you.

The Ultimate Expense Splitting Spreadsheet

Budgeting is a lifelong habit that takes time to build. The key is to keep trying until you find a system and process that works for you.

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