Creating Balance In Your Life

Creating Balance In Your Life – The Life Pie exercise is a good indicator of where we spend our time and energy so we can make informed decisions that bring more balance to our lives.

Inspired by Intention · LIFE PIE – A creative exercise to discover which areas of your life need more time and energy

Creating Balance In Your Life

Creating Balance In Your Life

My time and my energy are valuable. I want to live as balanced a life as possible and devote my time and energy to the areas that are most important to me. My intention is ____________________

Work Life Balance Survival Guide: How To Find Your Flow State And Create A Life Of Success

If you’ve done the Winter Journey with us, you might remember the Pie of Life. A tutorial is available if you need a refresher or haven’t done it yet.

The Life Pie is a good indicator of where you spend your time and energy. We may use this information to further collect information about who we believe we are. We can also use our pie of life to make decisions that will bring our life into a state of balance.

Sit with yourself for a moment. Clear your mind and bring yourself to this moment. Focus briefly on your breath. Breathe in to 4 breaths out for a count of 4.  Do this 4 times with the intention of connecting with your heart and body.

We use these Pies of Life to determine the state of balance in our lives at this time. This exercise requires an honest, non-judgmental assessment of where your focus is most of the time at this stage of your growth. If you do this exercise once every two weeks, you can monitor your state of balance, notice which areas need to be shifted, and notice the difference any shifting of segments makes in your reality.

Creating Behaviors That Will Give You Balance

It is very important to be intentional and honest about your percentages. Beware of deception (Judge and Ego as a good trick). For example:  One of the segments is Friends/Social Connections – If you get together with a group and spend most of your time on your phone or scrolling through Facebook, that’s cheating, not social connection. Same idea when you’re having dinner with the family, but you’re all focused on your device or spending your meal distracted by something that happened at work. Not part of the family/home percentage. In these situations, sincerity and intention come to the fore.

This exercise is for informational purposes only. We don’t need to be “fixed”. It is not designed to cause guilt, shame or condemnation. Don’t let it be something you beat yourself up about. In order to make the changes we may need, it is good to have well thought out information and that is the intention of this practice.

The whole circle is 100%. Use the list to determine how much focus and energy in your allotted time goes to each segment. Save the eraser by writing the percentages next to the appropriate words and then transfer them to your circle.

Creating Balance In Your Life

Of course, if you have other areas that regularly drain your time and energy, add them to the list. This is your life question and it must be relevant to your life.

How The Ability To Be Flexible Can Help You Find Balance In Life

Using something round about 4 1/2-6 inches in diameter, create a circle in your creativity journal. Think carefully about these segments, be intentional. Try to find out how your energy is really spent. For example: money is a real and constant focus for many of us. I have had enough of this? How can I do more? Can I pay bills or get my car fixed? Many people have jobs that don’t feed their soul but pay the bills. They focus primarily on money. If you find meaning and fulfillment in your work and/or the people you work with, and you find satisfaction and enjoyment in your work, your focus is mostly on work/career. Can you see the difference? Again, no judgment…just an honest observation.

This practice can be an eye-opening experience. Have fun with it, color code it, use it for more awareness.

Take a moment to pause and think about where your time and energy goes in the aggregate of your activity.

Hello, my name is Marva Midkiff and my path is Creativity. We are all creators. My mission is to remember to do this with joy and curiosity. Click here to join me in the Art Room »Ultimately, balance helps us feel like we’re spending enough time on the important things in our lives, whether that’s fulfilling work, maintaining our health, or spending quality time with loved ones.

Quotes About Balance In Your Life (71 Quotes)

While I completely agree that balance is something to strive for in life, it is not a very simple or easy path to create for yourself. For starters, balance looks different for everyone. If we continue to follow other people’s advice to find a balance on the basis of

To make balance a little more attainable, I’m sharing five steps to help you create more balance in your life based on my method from The Guide to Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit (stick to the bottom of this post for more!).

Because everyone defines balance differently, it’s important to take the time to define what it means to you. What comes to mind when you hear the word balance? Maybe that means living intentionally or spending equal amounts of time between work and play. Ask yourself what it would actually look like to live a balanced life and use that as a framework to guide you towards greater balance.

Creating Balance In Your Life

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that balance has a lot to do with connecting the mind, body and soul. To create more balance in your life, regularly think about how you want your mind, body and soul to feel. Maybe you want your mind to feel calm, your body energized and your soul to feel fulfilled. Harnessing what you want to FEEL is a powerful way to be more in tune with yourself.

Work Life Balance Survival Guide By Jessica Holsman

We all have responsibilities and to-do lists that often take precedence over the things that bring us joy. In order to feel more balanced, we need to allow ourselves some time and space away from things that drain our energy. Look at the things you do every day and try to delegate or eliminate anything that keeps you from feeling balanced.

The easiest way to add more balance to your life is to do small things every day that nourish your mind, body and soul. Think about the kinds of activities and habits that make you feel positive and support you mentally, physically and spiritually. For example, you can meditate, practice yoga and journal for 10 minutes every day. The key is to do something every day to intentionally create more balance in your life.

One of the things that makes us struggle with balance is the idea that we can achieve balance in one day. It is important to understand that balance is something that takes practice and dedication. It’s unlikely that we’ll wake up one day and think, “I feel 100% balanced.” But that’s okay. It’s all about carefully enjoying the journey and maintaining a strong awareness. If you remember this at times when balance starts to seem unattainable, it will be easier to keep moving regardless of any obstacles.

If you’re struggling to find a balance between your daily work and the self-care you crave, I’ve created something just for you.

Sonya Matejko Quote: Sometimes The Best Way To Create Balance In Your Life Is To Realize You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

The Mind, Body, and Spirit Balancing Guide is a 50-page digital workbook designed to help you align your mind, body, and soul so that you can return to balance whenever you feel like life is overwhelming you.

With this guide, you’ll create your own daily self-care routine based on the goals you’ve set for your mind, body, and soul. Together we will define what balance means to you and go through all the blocks of thinking about balance.

You’ll also find meditation and journaling exercises, a monthly goal planner, and daily and weekly planners to help you design your days with balance in mind.

Creating Balance In Your Life

This 50-page digital guide is fully interactive, so you can print your own copy and complete the guide with good old pen and paper, or you can complete it directly from your computer.

The Neways Wheel Of Life

If you’re ready to become the most balanced version of yourself, grab your copy and get instant access to all the self-care advice you could ever need!

Hi, I’m Catherine! I’m here to help you get out of your head so you can stress less and focus on what’s important. In many ways, life is a balancing act – walking a tightrope and constantly juggling work, home, money, health and relationships. In our quest to achieve our goals and succeed on all fronts, we often fail to understand the importance of balance in our lives.

Maintaining a well-balanced life is not only essential to your health, happiness and well-being, it is also essential for increasing productivity, managing stress and unlocking your true potential.

Take a break: Take some time off to relax. Relax and recharge. There can be several of them

How Balanced Is Your Wellness Wheel

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