Financial Plan Entrepreneurship Ppt

Financial Plan Entrepreneurship Ppt – Struggling to make financial plan PowerPoint presentation slides? Create a content ready financial planning PPT template to help you. Our financial forecast PPT illustrations will help you raise sufficient funds and ensure a reasonable balance between inflows and outflows. You can also use our capital plan PowerPoint illustrations to present relevant topics such as budget performance management, expense control, customer financing, financial strategy, expense marketing, revenue forecasting, budget planning, financial reporting, budget forecasting, benchmark forecasting, and more. more. Additionally, our capital accounting slides have been extensively researched by highly intelligent business research. This capital management PowerPoint template contains creative relevant images on budgeting, channel marketing budget, product launch capital plan, social media budget and more. Download our financial plan PPT templates to help you achieve your goals without wasting your time. The purpose is made clear through our financial program Powerpoint Presentation Slides. They dispel any threat of fog.

These images are instantly downloadable. 100% editable templates. Our PowerPoint show consists of 40 slides. Original design with high resolution. Compatible presentation layout. Easy to convert to PDF and JPG formats. 100% risk free design. Our images can be used by advertisers, marketers, salespeople, money managers, investment advisors and business people. The stages of this process are: financial report, financial plan, forecast.

Financial Plan Entrepreneurship Ppt

Financial Plan Entrepreneurship Ppt

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Financial Health As A Measurable Social Determinant Of Health

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Our Financial Plan Powerpoint presentation slides can be anything you want them to be. They are the right tools for your views. 2 Chapter Objectives Studying this chapter should provide you with the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge. explain the most important financial statements necessary for any entrepreneurial business; . The process of preparing an operating budget Discuss the nature of cash flow and explain how to prepare such a document Describe how pro forma statements are prepared Explain how capital budgeting can be used in the decision-making process © 2007 Thomson/Southwestern. All rights reserved. 10-2

Studying this chapter should provide you with the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge. Describe how to use interval analysis Describe ratio analysis and illustrate the use and importance of some important measures Describe the value of decision support systems in management. financial resources © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved. 10-3

Clothing Line Business Plan

Basic Information for Financial Management The Importance of Ratio Analysis in the Use of Planning Techniques and Projected Financial Statements Methods and Approaches for Designing the Statement of Cash Flows Methods and Approaches for Estimating Capital Budgeting © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

The balance sheet represents the financial position of the company as of a certain date. It describes the goods owned by the company (assets) and the amount owed by the company (liabilities). It also shows the net worth and liquidity of the company. Assets = Liabilities + Equity An asset is something of value that a company owns. Current Assets and Fixed Assets Liabilities are the claims of creditors on the company. Current and Long-Term Liabilities Equity is the company owner’s remaining interest in the company. © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Income Statement Commonly referred to as a statement of income from a company’s operations (profit and loss). Ensures the results of the company’s activities. Income Statement Categories Income: the gross sales realized by the enterprise during the given period. Expenses: Costs associated with the production of goods or services Net income. excess of revenue (deficit) over expenses (profit or loss) © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Financial Plan Entrepreneurship Ppt

Cash Flow Analysis An analysis of a company’s cash availability and cash needs that shows the impact of a company’s operating, investing, and financing activities on its cash balance. How much money did the company make from operations? How did the company finance fixed investments? How much new debt did the company add? Was cash generated from operations sufficient to finance the purchase of fixed assets? Using a cash budget can be the best way for an entrepreneur to start a business. © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

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Budget One of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can use to plan financial operations. Operating Budget A statement of estimated income and expenses over a period of time. Cash Budget An estimated statement of cash receipts and expenditures over a period of time. Capital budget A plan for spending on assets whose payback is expected to take more than one year. © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Create an operating budget by setting a sales forecast. Linear regression. statistical forecasting techniques. Y = a + bx Y is a dependent variable – its value depends on the values ​​of a, b, and x. x is an independent variable that does not depend on any of the other variables a is a constant. b is the slope of the correlation line (change in y divided by change in x). © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Provides an overview of cash inflows and outflows during a period. By identifying cash problems in advance, management can take necessary financial measures. Preparing a cash flow budget Identifying and timing the three cash inflows: Cash Sales Cash Payments Received on Account Loan Funds Minimum Cash Balance © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Projections of the company’s financial position in a future period (pro forma income statement) or at a future date (pro forma balance sheet). From the balance sheets, the projected changes shown in the operating and cash flow budgets are added to create the projected balance sheet totals. © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

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Identification and Timing of Cash Flows or Returns Inflows are equal to operating surplus before deducting payments to financing sources, but after deducting applicable taxes and added depreciation, which is represented by the following formula: Expected return = X(1 – T) + Depreciation X equals net operating income T is defined as the relevant tax rate Objective of capital budgeting Which of several mutually exclusive projects should be chosen? How many programs should be selected in total? © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Payback Method Considers the length of time it takes to “recoup” (recoup) the initial investment. Any project requiring a longer deadline than the maximum selected will be rejected and projects within the time frame will be accepted. One of the problems with the payback method is that it ignores cash flows after the payback period. Why is it used? Very easy to use compared to other methods. Projects with faster payback periods typically have a more favorable short-term impact on the bottom line. If the company is short of cash, it may prefer to use the repayment method because it provides a faster return on cash. © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Net Present Value Method (NPV) The premise that a dollar is worth more today than it is in the future. The cost of capital is the rate used to adjust future cash flows to determine their value in the current period. This procedure is called discounting future cash flows. the value of cash is determined by the present value of the cash flow. Internal rate of return (IRR method) Similar to the present value method, but future cash flows are discounted at a rate that makes the project’s present value equal to zero. © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Financial Plan Entrepreneurship Ppt

The difference between the selling price and the variable cost per unit. It’s the amount per unit that helps cover all other costs. 0 = (SP –VC)S – FC or FC = (SP – VC)S where: SP = Selling price per unit VC = Variable cost per unit S = Sales in units FC = Total fixed costs © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Thirteen Sources Of Finance For Entrepreneurs: Make Sure You Pick The Right One!

Graphical Approach Total Land Revenues and Total Costs. The intersection of these two lines (ie, where total revenue equals total costs) is the firm’s breakeven point. Two additional costs, variable and fixed costs, can also be plotted. Related to questionable costs Some costs may appear as fixed or variable costs at different levels of production; 0=(SP-VC)S-FC-QC or 0=[SP-VC-(QC/U)]S-FC © 2007 Thomson/ Southwestern. All rights reserved.

Forecast conditions and as a starting point for planning activities. Shows relationships between closing accounts. Vertical Analysis Application of ratio analysis to identify financial strengths and weaknesses. Horizontal Analysis Looks at financial statements and key figures over time for positive and negative trends. © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Balance Sheet Current Assets Turnover Ratio = Current Liabilities Cash + Accounts Receivable Quick Ratio = Current Liabilities Income Statement Gross Margin Gross Margin = Net Profit Before Taxes Net Margin = Sales © 2007 Thomson/South-Western. All rights reserved.

Sales Sales-to-assets = Total Assets Net Profit Before Tax Return on Assets = (ROA) Total Assets Net Profit

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