Financial Planner Online Course

Financial Planner Online Course – The field of financial planning involves setting short and long-term financial goals, using budgets, evaluating assets and liabilities, and considering investment options. This comprehensive strategy integrates financial objectives such as risk management, investments as well as tax, retirement and estate planning. This industry also includes financial analysts who study the financial performance of companies.

With the client’s short-term and long-term financial goals in mind, financial planners use various investment strategies to maximize income and capital gains while maintaining an appropriate level of risk. Some of the ways financial planners help their clients meet their needs are through the purchase of securities such as stocks and bonds, as well as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and various insurance products.

Financial Planner Online Course

Financial Planner Online Course

To help clients make sound investment decisions, financial planners gather financial information, analyze it and make recommendations. Financial planners may choose to specialize and work strictly with businesses or with individuals to help them with retirement, estate planning, and college education financing.

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Financial planners who work with businesses are often called financial analysts. They evaluate the financial performance of businesses and corporations and use Excel models and statistical software to analyze financial data, track trends, and develop financial forecasts. They may also work strictly on the buy or sell side, or choose to focus on a specific industry, region or product type.

Many financial planners buy and sell financial products, such as stocks and life insurance. A large portion of their revenue comes from the fees and commissions associated with these products. Because of the commission-based nature of buying and selling financial products, financial planners are financially incentivized to build a large client base. Finding new customers is therefore an important and ongoing task that takes a lot of time. Financial planners grow their client base primarily through referrals from current clients, making sales calls and marketing their services.

Many advisors attend financial planning seminars, give lectures and participate in business networking associations to meet potential clients. They meet with their clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that their client’s portfolio and financial goals are in line with the current economic situation.

Financial planners typically work in the office, although many spend a good deal of time traveling to meet with clients.

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Although they usually work during normal office hours, it is not uncommon to find a financial planner working evenings and weekends to accommodate their clients’ schedules.

A financial planning week is usually filled with phone calls, meetings, research, travel, attending conferences, giving presentations and teaching classes or organizing seminars.

A bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, accounting, statistics or economics is usually needed to work as a financial planner. Some examples of specific degree programs include: Associate of Science in Financial Services, Bachelor of Science in Finance, and Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Management.

Financial Planner Online Course

A master’s degree is often desirable and helps provide a competitive advantage in this field. Courses in investments, tax law, estate planning and risk management are also helpful. Examples of postgraduate programs are: Master of Science in Management/Financial Management, Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Banking and Finance.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for financial advisors in 2012 was $67,520[i]. Many financial advisors also earn bonuses and commissions as part of their compensation package.

The need for financial advisors and analysts is expected to grow at a much faster rate than the average for all occupations. Some factors related to this growing need include:

Despite the growing need for financial advisors, competition is still expected to be fierce for this highest-paying profession.

Prospective students seeking financial planning certificates will need at least an associate degree. Certificate programs in the field of financial management and planning are offered at both undergraduate and graduate level.

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Success in an online program always depends on how hard the student puts in. Most financial planning programs are designed and structured for individuals with prior academic and professional experience in the fields of accounting, banking, financial operations, investments, and related fields.

If you are interested in becoming a financial planner, but do not currently have a college degree, you will greatly benefit from an associate’s program in accounting, business, or finance. UPM is an approved training provider for the CFP certification program. by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM). CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and CFP® are certification marks owned outside the United States by the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. FPAM is the trademark licensing authority for CFP trademarks in Malaysia, through an agreement with FPSB.

UPM does not certify that individuals use the CFP CERT TM and the CFP Marks. CFP certification is awarded by the FPSB and FPAM only to those individuals who, in addition to completing a training requirement offered by an FPAM-approved training provider, have met ethics, experience and degree requirements.

Financial Planner Online Course

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER or CFP certification is the reference for the recognition of the global standard of excellence in financial planning. CFP CERT TM marks indicate professionals who adhere to the highest standards of competence, ethical conduct and professionalism.

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In 27 countries and territories around the world, financial advisors establish themselves as qualified, competent and ethical financial planners by choosing the financial planning professional marks: CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CFP Mark.

Recognized by industry regulators, Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia for licensing as financial planners and financial advisors.

86% of CFP CERT TM professionals say the certification has had a positive impact on their career satisfaction. The CFP CERT TM mark after your name tells clients and employers that you are an expert advisor committed to putting clients’ interests first.

91% of CFP CERTTM professionals say they are satisfied with their decision to obtain CFP certification. The path to CFP® certification is a rigorous but rewarding process that provides the knowledge and skills necessary for a rewarding career.

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90% of CFP CERT TM professionals believe that certification gives them more credibility in the eyes of their clients

A financial health check is a brief examination of a person’s current financial situation to determine their ability to meet current financial obligations and preparedness for unexpected adverse financial events.

The financial health check is similar to any medical health check. In a medical examination, medical complaints, medical history, physical examinations, blood tests and other diagnostic tests are used to diagnose an illness/disease. Similarly, in the financial health check, current income and expenses, cash flow, balance sheets and key ratios are the diagnostic tools for assessing the current personal financial situation. Financial health check also known as Initial Assessment and Evaluation (IA&E).

Financial Planner Online Course

The financial health check aims to provide you with information that will help you identify your financial needs and make informed financial decisions. It provides general guidance only and you should not make any decisions based on this alone.

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It is a personal, inclusive and customer-focused online financial coaching program. It helps participants gain an overview of their personal financial situation (cash flow, balance sheet, net worth statement, current assets), as well as their financial feelings, money personality and money behavior. This highlights areas of your personal financial challenges that may need more attention.

A study on the impact of coaching on mental health and goal achievement reviewed by Grant (2003) confirms that the use of the transtheoretical change model “solution-focused cognitive behavioral strategy” motivated clients to move from self-reflection to action. In this study, participants who previously failed to achieve their goals did so more often with the help of coaching. Their mental health and quality of life also improved.

To help participants set financial goals, design a savings plan and work towards pre-set financial goals. At the end of the program, the participant should be able to:

Since the word “Jom Belajar” means “come to learn,” it aims to educate the public about financial preparation for retirement and financial security. This series is aimed at all age groups and focuses on improving participants’ financial literacy by improving their financial literacy. CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and CFP® are certification marks owned outside the United States by the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. FPAM is the trademark licensing authority for CFP trademarks in Malaysia, through an agreement with FPSB. UTAR does not certify that individuals use the CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CFP marks. CFP certification is awarded by the FPSB and FPAM only to those individuals who, in addition to meeting a training requirement offered by the FPAM-approved training provider, have met the ethics, experience and degree requirements.

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Interested participants with at least a bachelor’s degree must attend the entire certification course consisting of the following modules.

FPAM recognizes that some professional qualifications cover sub-components of financial planning. Holders of the following qualifications are exempted below (conditions apply):

The application must be submitted at least 2 months before registration for the exam and must be submitted individually. If you do not comply with the above conditions, your application will not be considered

Financial Planner Online Course

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