Financial Planning Excel Sheet

Financial Planning Excel Sheet – In any fundraising process, sooner or later investors want to talk about numbers. Aside from the cool J-bend charts that predict revenue in colorful packages, this usually means that now is the time to look under the hood. In order to gain a greater understanding of the key concepts and value drivers of the business, the VC often requests a business plan or financial plan. To help you get it right, Maximilan Grohmann and I put our hearts together to create a more detailed guide with the A series in mind (FUND HERE).

Over the years on the receiving end of these plans, we have seen that the quality of these business plans for early stage businesses (Creandum mainly focuses on seeds and A rounds) is very different . However, although it is often considered the most important thing to prepare for fundraising, a good business plan will have many important aspects. If the deck is meant to get your foot in the door, then the business plan (along with the other information you share later in class) will help you through the door to the outside.

Financial Planning Excel Sheet

Financial Planning Excel Sheet

The following is a summary of 5 ideas that we also give to entrepreneurs in our data when preparing a business for fundraising.

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To make it all a little more complete, we have created a dummy model / for a fictitious B2B SaaS business raising an A level or higher (Click HERE for the model). This model is inspired by the best practices of many quality and more financial models that we have seen in recent years. While you can use many of these for your own business, please remember that the main purpose is to give a rough idea of ​​what this model looks like.

Disclaimer: This is not designed to be a plug-and-play model where you just fill in your own information and you’re good to go – every business is too different for that. The purpose of this model is to give you a rough idea of ​​what the model will look like, how you will make it and build it. However, if you find something that you can use directly in your own model, that’s great, of course!

Although this is a fairly standard model – the following provides some brief descriptions and background information on various parts of the model.

This is the first thing that readers of your model will see. This is where you make a first impression and set the tone for what’s to come. A beautiful cover letter with your company logo, colors, etc. gives the reader a sense of excitement when opening the draft for the first time.

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As mentioned, each model will be slightly different and company specific. Things that may be understandable to you may take someone else minutes or hours to understand, or may even lead to other questions and answers that cost time and energy in the process. find existing funding. Use this section to provide any background information you think is necessary for the reader to understand your model in the way you want it to be. Explain using mostly short and concise sentences and provide background on your main ideas. If there are any special circumstances that the reader needs to know about in order to interpret the formula correctly, make sure you include some background (like if you just turned last month or if you expect to create a large new product in two months, which will affect all the data, etc.). Sometimes it can be helpful to just add screenshots from audio or other presentations where these items have already been re-explained here. You can also make a loom.

This section should provide a general overview (as the title suggests) of your business. Unlike the next chapter – “financial statements” – it often makes sense not to write financial measures here. Some of the KPIs and metrics that are commonly used to measure business performance in your industry should be listed here. But also your own Northstar KPIs, which may be different for your business, definitely in the description section. Adding some graphics to a simple dashboard usually completes this section very well. Not only does it look good, but different readers have different preferences in the way they consume information. Some are interesting to see, while others can’t wait to dive into the raw data.

Unlike the previous chapter, where you give details of various measures that best represent your business, here you should show the high points of the three financial statements: income statement (profit and loss), cash statement. , and the balance sheet. paper.

Financial Planning Excel Sheet

For most asset-based software companies, financial statements are usually not complicated and therefore can be kept to a high standard. However, depending on your business and business model, the opposite may be true. Then you need to ensure this in the details of your financial documents as well.

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The paper is probably what we spend the most time on when analyzing early stage companies. We want to understand how you feel about your business, what is important and how they should be developed to make it an attractive business. Especially since there is usually not much historical data to rely on in the early stages of companies, many assumptions must be made. A very well thought out plan is essential to any financial plan. In our opinion, it really helps both the reader and the model to have a central place where all opinions can be seen. It is easy for readers to read and understand how the model works and play around with some imagination. And for the designer, it reduces the possibility of making mistakes if all the requirements are in a central place, instead of spread throughout the model where they can be easily viewed. A well-thought-out space also gives you the opportunity to tell your story the way you want. It clearly shows how you think, how you arrived at the numbers in your plan, and what needs to happen to make those thoughts come true. By adding words and explanations throughout the document, you can guide the reader and avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

In order to avoid the complexity of the output too much (summaries, financial statements, etc.), it often makes sense that the thoughts are not directly in them. This is where the presentation comes in. Here you can make more detailed suggestions based on thoughts and data entry. Counting is often required to count the numbers found in the output. Storing all these calculations directly in the formula in the output would make the formula complex and difficult to understand. Spreadsheets therefore not only make calculations transparent, but also give the reader the opportunity to jump to a deeper level and look at the data in a little more detail if desired. yes.

In this section, you can add raw data that is used as input throughout the model. This could be actual (historical) P&L data, customer/pipeline data, employee compensation data, etc. Make sure you only include information that you allow to be seen. All confidential information must remain anonymous. If so, adding raw data files can create more clarity and create more confidence in the model. However, it is not necessary.

A financial plan can be the foundation of a successful fundraising process, but the way to ensure high levels of success can be less obvious than a sound deck.

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We hope you find this guide useful, if you think we’ve missed something or have ideas for improvement, let us know.

Thank you to my colleague Maximilian for the cooperation and hard work – not only here, but in the hundreds of financial plans we have received.

Support the companies of tomorrow. Read our thoughts, news and insights here and get resources for your growth. Learn more at For each project, a financial plan must be prepared to estimate all costs, unexpected costs and the amount of income. It is necessary to track the expenses in the project during the project to avoid unexpected events. A project is a set of various activities including hiring a team, all qualified personnel, and various expenses. The financial plan is drawn as closely as possible to match the actual financial forecast.

Financial Planning Excel Sheet

For the financial plan of the project, many documents should be prepared so as not to exceed the budget. Excel project budget templates are available in this article. They are designed so that you do not miss a single point during the design

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