Gta 5 Story Mode

Gta 5 Story Mode – Stealing GTA V’s story mode can be fun and very challenging at the same time. There are many aspects to a heist, from choosing the right options at the beginning of the heist, to executing it correctly, and choosing the right ending for maximum results. It can all be a little complicated. That’s why we’re tackling this today with our best tips and tricks for all GTA V Story Mode heists.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can earn different money depending on the methods and ways used to carry out each heist. To maximize the amount of money you get, we’ll highlight every trick you can use to get rid of the heist easily. Below are some of the best ways to pull off a heist:

Gta 5 Story Mode

Gta 5 Story Mode

Go to the first heist, The Jewel Store, and choose the second option (Choice B: Smart).

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Choose Ricky Lukens as the hacker because others may give you more time, but Rick will give you the time you need for this heist.

As for your gunner, you still need to unlock Packy McCree and complete his extra encounter to do so. This is the climactic stage where Paki needs your help to rob the store and take it away. After helping him, he can be obtained from Stealth. He’s very similar to Gustavo Mota, but he’ll be about 2% cheaper to hire. If you choose Richards as the gunman instead, he will crash on the run. You can grab her money by going over her bag after the accident, which will give you more money, but you’ll lose Norma.

Choose Kareem Danz as the driver for this heist. It will be harder to catch up, but Denz will take less of your money.

If you choose option A instead, choose Eddie Tow as your driver. He gets 6% more than Danz, but Eddie lets you get $4,946,153 (the largest possible amount), leaving you with $293,539 for Franklin and $1,076,304 for Michael. you will receive the same amount.

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Score: Your net worth should be less than $5 million, about $1.2 million for Michael, and less than $300,000 for Franklin.

The second robbery did not involve money. Merryweather Heist gives you a car as a reward for the second heist, so feel free to jump in and pick any crew you want. Enjoy the looting because whatever happens ends up being the same.

However, keeping track of high seas scores in the Merriweather heist can be a bit difficult, so we’ve attached a video of the entire heist below to make it easier for you:

Gta 5 Story Mode

Paleto Score is the third heist in GTA V’s story mode. You waste money every time you or a member of your crew gets shot in the back. You start with the highest attainable score of $8,016,020.

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If you choose Packy McCree to rob a jewelry store (First Heist), choose him as the gunman because he will have higher stats due to the previous heist. If not, get a chef. The price of both men is 2% lower than Gustavo Mota, but he is slightly better.

Also, if you choose Daryl Jones or Norm Richards as your successor, you’ll leave that character behind. For additional technology, you can get a piece of it. If we want to do that, we suggest using Daryl Jones (and keeping him behind), as Norm Richards might be good for the last steal.

Score: With about $440K each from Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, your total profit should be just over $8M.

The Bureau Raid is the fourth and second last heist, choose B (The Roof Entry) without further ado.

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Choose Ricky Lukens as your hacker, because using a better hacker won’t do any good. Then choose Norm Richards as the gunman.

For your driver, on the other hand, you have to unlock Taliana Martinez by completing an extra encounter/mission. This is a random encounter where you’ll find Taliana near the highway in the northeast area. Take the sand to the shore in time and save his life. You need him as a driver because he is one of the best and his steal price is 9% less than Eddie Toh. The funny thing is that in this heist, he waits for you in the ambulance, so you completely escape the police. Unfortunately, if you haven’t unlocked Taliana, get Kareem Danz as your driver. He’ll also have an ambulance if you use him correctly on your first heist. Otherwise, you have to run away from the police in the van.

If you choose option A, you won’t get less money than option B, but if you choose it, Norm Richards will die, and we can’t lose him because he’s eligible for the last steal. Get Packy McCreary or Gustavo Mota instead.

Gta 5 Story Mode

This is the last and final heist, choose option B. That’s $41,664,000 per person.

Gta Secret Cars Story Mode Ksjb Ehd Grand Theft Auto 5 Imágenes Por Gabbie

Select Taliana Martinez as the first vehicle. He successfully flies the helicopter without any problems and he only gets 5% of the money. Also, choose Karim Denz as the second driver so he can drive the train. This heist doesn’t require armed men, so you can get the cheapest armed men.

If you choose option A, you can receive a maximum of $34,892,000 per person. Again, pick Tallien Martinez and Kareem Danz as your primary drivers. Choose Packy McCreery or Chef as your first gunman. Get Norm Richards or Daryl Jones as your second gunman. Either way, this hack will save you a lot of money. On the hacking side, pick Ricky Lukens.

These were the best and proven ways to squeeze as much money as possible out of these robberies. If you think I did better, let us know in the comments below!

Martin has been involved in the world of technology since childhood. Very passionate about CS:GO and eSports, very enthusiastic when it comes to PC hardware. He is the king of the playground and that makes him stand out from the crowd. GTA 5 remains one of the most popular open world games, even ten years after its release. It was recently listed as the best-selling title in the UK last year. Players will play with three different characters in the story mode and will have the opportunity to drive amazing vehicles in the bustling city of Los Santos. However, motorists may be wondering which is the fastest car in GTA 5 after many updates over the years.

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Although many cars fit into the broad category of fast cars, only one can leave its rivals in the dust – the Progen T20. Two-seater civilian hypercars have been introduced to the game since the III-Goughten Gains Part 2 update. This article shares everything GTA 5 players need to know about Progen T20 2023.

The Progen T20 is classified as a supercar and takes design inspiration from various real-life cars. they:

In terms of performance, the Progen T20 is powered by a powerful high-revving V8 engine that sounds turbocharged. The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox in an AWD scheme and emits a unique beep every time it is switched off and on.

Gta 5 Story Mode

Players can get it from the Legendary Motorsport website for $2,200,000 in the game’s story mode.

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GTA Online’s Progen T20 boasts incredible performance in story mode, exceeding expectations in terms of acceleration and top speed. With full upgrades, it reaches a top speed of 122.25 mph (196.74 km/h), making it the fastest car in the game.

The hypercar also has responsive handling that allows players to make smooth turns on highways. Because it’s equipped with a fully functional aerodynamic spoiler, the Progen T20 gets a little better when it hits 40 mph (with the spoiler up).

The drivetrain’s AWD scheme helps the car pick up speed quickly after taking off from a stop, giving it a distinct advantage over other cars in event mode.

Rockstar has no plans to add new vehicles to the game’s Story mode just yet, but you can count on the Progen T20 for a fun and satisfying experience every time you play Los Santos Story. The GTA series needs no introduction. , GTA developed by Rockstar Games is a popular name in the entire gaming community and almost everyone knows about this legendary series.

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