How To Make Money On Youtube Without Being Monetized

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Being Monetized – You have activated your YouTube account for monetization, connected it to Google AdSense, and now you can start receiving payments. But there is a problem. YouTube is changing the game again.

Instead of opening up to 10,000 lifetime views, YouTube recommends monetization for those who have 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers. But don’t worry because you can earn money on YouTube without monetization, even for people with a small following.

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Being Monetized

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Being Monetized

Before we dive in, let’s look at what monetization is. YouTube, a site with 1.5 billion monthly active viewers, offers channels a way to earn money from advertisers. By linking your account to AdSense, users can receive money based on their audience. While some full-time YouTubers make millions, most make $1 per 1,000 views.

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Monetization

This means engaging the company by linking to products from your channel. That way, you will receive a small percentage every time someone buys your company’s product using the link you send.

One of the most popular affiliates is Amazon Associates. Like most programs of this type, it is quick and easy to set up. The hard part is getting people to click on the link and buy the product. This can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of followers but it’s not impossible, especially if you have a small group of people who are very committed.

Brands can pay you to make videos using or review their products, even if you don’t have a huge following. If you have a niche audience that trusts you, brands trying to break into that market will likely pay you.

On the Creator Academy website, YouTube has a comprehensive course that discusses everything from how to choose the right brand partnership to how to hire and build relationships with brands.

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If you have eBooks, mentoring programs, lawn mowers, cosmetics, etc., you can sell them on YouTube. Consumers are 64% to 85% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. Of course, you need to link back to your website or landing page to get your audience to buy the product. But showing your products or even yourself in a video can start building trust and people will do business with others they know, like and trust.

To recap, if you don’t have enough subscribers or watch time to monetize, join an affiliate program, make a brand deal, or sell your own products. It’s hard to imagine the creator economy without YouTube. From viral cat videos to in-depth tutorials, there’s something for you. This huge reach is why so many talented creators are joining the platform.

According to a study of professional content creators, almost half of the respondents mentioned YouTube as their main platform.

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Being Monetized

One of the reasons for this dominance is that YouTube started paying early users by creating a partnership program. YouTube partners earn money from advertising revenue from ads that appear on videos.

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The simplicity of this model has attracted millions of manufacturers and produced many success stories. However, it didn’t take long for creators to wake up to the dangers of relying solely on advertising dollars to make a profit.

The results of advertising fluctuate wildly, and channel owners have no say. Additionally, YouTube has the final vote on who can and cannot monetize their content. This means that many talented video creators put time into their videos only to have them monetized or pulled from YouTube.

Thankfully, there are other ways to make money on YouTube. In fact, you will find that the most successful creators are the least dependent on advertising income. This article will cover 7 additional income streams that real creators use to make money without relying on ads.

Pro Tip: Based on our research, we’ve found that the direct support method (#3) is the most sustainable option for new and existing creators. Creators who focus on developing this revenue stream as their business model tend to experience more stable and reliable income as they grow. Remember that your goal is to become a full-time creator.

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Merch is often the first alternative revenue stream creators add to their channel. With the rise of tools like Spring, you can easily print channel logos on various products such as:

In addition, YouTube has added a merchandise shelf to make it easier for creators to sell physical goods. This tool allows certain platforms (Spreadshop, Spring, and Suzuri) to integrate directly with YouTube so that you can display your products directly below the video.

Offering your audience a physical product, whether it’s a t-shirt or mug, is a great way to expand your relationship with them while giving them a way to spread the word about your brand.

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Being Monetized

One channel that takes trading strategy to the next level is TeamRICCHEY, a fitness vlogging channel run by Craig Richey and Jasmine Cabourn. Together, they leveraged online audiences to create a

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Any Investment

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčeverything from t-shirts to barbells. To ensure product quality, they can work directly with manufacturers and host regular releases, instead of the traditional dropshipping model that creators usually use.

The natural evolution of physical products is digital products. These are often in the form of information products, such as e-books and online courses, and paid private communities.

YouTuber Gillian Perkins is an example of a channel that uses this model well. Perkins produces videos for entrepreneurs who are passionate about productivity, creativity and online business topics.

In addition to the free videos available on the channel, Perkins encourages viewers to learn more by engaging with the product:

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Not all digital products have to be educational. Other examples include templates, printables, recipes, music, fonts, preset filters, and more.

Live support is one of the fastest growing revenue streams for creators. Patreon popularizes this avenue, where fans can fund their favorite creators with a few dollars a month in exchange for additional content or access.

A successful example is the Gone with the Wynns channel. To date, they have more than 1,400 subscribers who pay $2-$250 per month to finance their videos.

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Being Monetized

YouTube has moved to direct support over the past few years, giving creators two options for monetizing their viewers. The first is membership, which gives viewers additional benefits during live chat. Here’s an example from Graham Stephan’s channel.

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The second option YouTube added is called Applause, which is essentially a gesture jar built into the YouTube platform. The following example is from the Psych IRL channel.

This is why many creators turn to platforms like 0% so that creators can keep more of the money they make.

Repurposing your content is one of the most effective ways to increase the ROI of every project you create. Authors do this by turning book chapters into web-friendly SEO articles. Artists and photographers also implement this strategy by republishing images in different arrangements, filters or edits on different platforms.

One way video creators can take advantage of this tactic is by converting their video content into text and audio.

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Shelby Church, a YouTuber known for home tours and Tesla videos, copied one of the most popular videos and posted this article on Medium. The article went on to earn more than $6,000.

Repurposing your content allows you to reach potential fans outside of the YouTube circle, while taking advantage of the monetization opportunities available on other platforms.

One tool that simplifies this process is Descript, a video editor that automatically generates podcast audio and written transcripts from your video files.

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Being Monetized

One of the benefits of growing your online audience is trusting your experience and expertise. That trust can then be leveraged with recommended tools, products and experts.

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This referral cycle is called affiliate marketing. Creators find products they like and earn a small commission when the product is recommended to their audience.

Nick Nimmin has used this tactic very effectively to support his channel. Nimmin creates content for video creators, especially those interested in mobile and live video. The description section of each video you create contains a series of links that direct viewers to recommended tools such as:

Nimmin includes 5-8 testimonials in each video description so fans can easily find the products mentioned in the video. In addition, Nimmin creates content about the tools it recommends itself, such as tutorials on how to use them properly.

Each niche has unique tools, books and resources. If you are interested in using affiliate marketing as a source of income for your channel, take the time to review what you are spending and consuming. Then, research whether the project has an affiliate or referral program that you can join.

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For partnerships, creators still use the trust they have built with their audience. However, instead of depending on the number of people who take the referral, the income is paid to the creator up front.

Also, with branded offers and sponsored videos, creators need time to promote their business

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