Introduction Of Financial Management

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Introduction Of Financial Management

Introduction Of Financial Management

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Solution: Lecture 1 Introduction To Financial Management

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Introduction To Financial Management

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Introduction Of Financial Management

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Introduction To Financial Management: 9780673165565: Books

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Questions and Answers on Introduction to Financial Management What is Financial Management: Answer. Financial management is an integral part of public administration. It focuses on financial planning and control. Its functions are planning of financial requirement of the company, procurement of funds on most convenient terms, judicious utilization and distribution of funds, financial control. These activities are done after analyzing alternative sources and uses of funds. Financial management involves making 3 major decisions – financing decision, investment decision and dividend decision. Financial management requires consideration of many variables that affect these decisions. Sources and amount of capital, operating expenses, number of employees, sales and advertising. Costs, research costs etc. are controllable variables. National income, population, competition etc. Uncontrollable variables that drive these key decisions. To discuss the field of financial management, we need to know that (i) Finance is a behavioral science field. In this area, several managements are covered and include (i) Company – shareholders, creditors, consumers, managers; Objective of Financial Management: The real objective of financial management is to maximize the wealth of the parties. Anything that falls within the area of ​​managerial decision-making includes finance, financial management. Not much emphasis The traditional concept of finance was once concerned with financial management. A financial manager mainly m…

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Introduction To Financial Management 1

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Introduction Of Financial Management

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Introduction To Financial Management

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