Make Art Not Friends

Make Art Not Friends – This city is silent and empty, its people have fled to another world. A lone scavenger skates through abandoned streets, scouring canals and alleys for artifacts. A bottle, a key, a pair of broken glasses… these memories echoed from the old world—light from a dying star. But there is still some warmth left in the collection of bric-a-brac that is this house. Back at the shelter, the collector adds each newly found piece to the unique collection – a human requiem.

Produced, Designed, and Directed by Michael Arias Director of Photography Masayuki Fuji Featuring Chiyuki Kanazawa and Junnosuke Yonesaka’s Live Theater Show Produced by Broadmarks

Make Art Not Friends

Make Art Not Friends

I think my favorite story is the story of a man skating through the city of the dead in a hazmat suit, it brings you into this world with you waiting for the big reveal.

Category: Rob Zombie

I love the sequence during “Make Art Not Friends” where a skateboarder in a hazmat suit wanders through a ghost town looking for t-shirts and small decorations to take back to the underground garage, like a adult version of WALL-E.

I was … actually in the live section (?) with the flaming skateboard and the woman in the yellow hazmat suit, with the energy to go back to the future. It gives off the satirical stamp of irreverence and dread that I associate with ’80s movies like Escape from New York, They Live, and The Running Man.

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