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Make Money Online Paypal

Make Money Online Paypal

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Welcome to the second edition of Checks and Balances (Sheets). Given the warm reception the first one had (BoAt Business Model), I thought why not do one the first week of every month. And this month we will talk about the business model of a FinTech company that existed before the term FinTech – PayPal

PayPal is one of the most famous and successful fintech companies in the world. But not many know how to make money. In this article, we will look at PayPal’s business model and examine their sources of revenue. We will also discuss how they have been at the forefront of Fintech from the beginning, how they continue to innovate to this day, and what are some risks with the company.

Make Money Online Paypal

PayPal is one of the most famous and successful fintech companies in the world, known for its ease of transferring money from anywhere in the world over the Internet. But that’s not how the company started. Paypal was founded in December 1998 by Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Max Levchin as Confinity with the premise that consumers and businesses needed a cheap and easy system to pay as an alternative to the slow and cumbersome check. And from there they merged and merged with eBay, acquired a number of innovative companies and now offer a whole stack of financial services from payments, credit to buy/sell and HODLing crypto both to 34 million merchants and 392 million consumers across 200 markets.

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In the 90s, the Internet was quite notorious for fraudulent transactions. And buying online meant you either exposed yourself to hackers who stole your financial identity or fly by night operators who would promise you the world only to rip you off later. The wild west days of the internet. PayPal identified the opportunity in the problem and began working to build a system that would make payments secure while guaranteeing that merchants kept their end of the bargain.

They did the first by encrypting the information entered by customers on their site and only revealing their email IDs to the outside world when they make a payment. And this had the added benefit that every time a consumer wanted to make another payment, they would not have to re-enter their account details or card numbers, instead choosing to enter their email ID associated with their PayPal accounts.

In order to ensure that bad acting merchants are weeded out, Paypal will enter into an agreement that only upon receipt of their goods and services will the money be released to the merchants. And if there were any disagreements with the delivered product, PayPal would make it easy for consumers to get their refund back. The trade fair participants agreed to the terms, as most merchants are used to living with certain receivables in their business. But the bad actors went crazy with such deals to opt out instead. Build trust in the system.

And from there, the company went on to acquire a bunch of financial services apps, like Braintree and Venmo, cementing their brand as a good tech company providing financial services (remember, this was before FinTech was coined as a term).

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Pictured: Timeline of Paypal’s achievements in the first decade – Founded in 1998; eBay Partnership 2000; Listed on Nasdaq in 2002 and subsequently acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion; Surpassed the first million users in 2006 and reached 150 million by the end of the first decade

In Pic: Second Decade timeline- 2013 acquired Braintree and Venmo; 2014 shared with eBay; Enter cross-border payments in 2015 with Xoom purchases; Venmo processes $1 billion in payments in one month for the first time in 2016

Pictured: COVID year- 2019 305 million active users; 2020 Joins Grocery Delivery, Increases Check Deposit Mobile Wallets, 65% Growth; 2021 $1.5T payments processed

Make Money Online Paypal

Now that we know the basics of what PayPal aims to do, let’s see how they solve their customers’ problems. But before that, who does PayPal consider their customers? Because PayPal is a two-sided platform that facilitates transactions between merchants and their consumers, they each count as PayPal’s customers. And they each have unique requirements that PayPal meets.

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For merchants, PayPal aims to outsource all the headaches associated with online transactions so business owners can focus on doing what they do best. Build better products/solutions and grow their business.

4. Payment Buttons: For small merchants who don’t have a website, set payment buttons to collect money

We Indians would remember how difficult it was to send money to someone instantly over the internet before UPI. You have to use their bank account details which were so long and hard to remember that you will have to verify yourself in multiple steps and what’s more, wait 2 days for the money to be reflected in the recipient’s account.

This was in the late 2000s. Now imagine how things must have looked in the late 90s?

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Add to that, this was the period when commerce over the Internet was trying to find its way into mainstream shopping habits.

Over time, they allowed consumers to trade among themselves, entered the mobile payment space, and then, with their acquisition of Xoom, also provided remittance services. And in 2020 they also started building their BNPL offer!

The purchase of Zoom in 2015 was very strategic for Paypal. Until then, they were mostly only present in the US and some countries in the European region, especially the UK. Making inroads into other regions, especially Asia, had been on their radar for a while, but they couldn’t seem to identify the right opportunity.

Make Money Online Paypal

A data point in their user demographics would have shown the increasing number of people of foreign origin, especially people from Mexico, India, the Philippines, China and Brazil, using their app. It also meant that they would find a need to send money home to their loved ones. And Xoom has done just that, with a significant presence in the above markets.

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Now, if digital payments have had a number of problems, cross-border has had tenfold. Not only was it slow and cumbersome, but the number of intermediaries involved in the process! And not all banks/fintech had the ability to process cross-border payments.

All this at a time when the likes of Alibaba have allowed small Chinese merchants to sell their goods all over the world, with the only thing holding them back is the ability to accept payments from people across their borders!

: I honestly feel that if PayPal only focused on cross-border payments in India and didn’t try to compete with existing wallets like PayTM and then UPI, they would still be around a big player in the Indian market.

PayPal has several revenue streams from both individual consumers and merchants. Such as charging transaction fees, subscription fees for premium features offered to business, sale of card readers, business loans, referral fees on cash back rewards, exchange fees, interest on cash advances, etc. Let’s find out what each of these means.

Making And Receiving Payments As Anonymously As Possible

In financial services, this is typically known as the Dealer Discount Rate (MDR). A slice of the total transaction volume that banks, payment processors and card networks take to facilitate transactions.

It is free for merchants to open and create a Paypal account. However, if they want access to advanced features, a subscription fee is charged. Services include

By the way, the cash advances given to the merchants also earn one

Make Money Online Paypal

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