Make Money Reading Books Aloud

Make Money Reading Books Aloud – How about that to earn extra income or fund your digital nomad lifestyle?

Audiobooks are real and can help you earn extra money anywhere. You don’t have to be a voice artist to get paid to read books. But you must have a good voice and excellent reading skills.

Make Money Reading Books Aloud

Make Money Reading Books Aloud

Not only is she one of the top voice actors for ACX and Audible, but she has also been a voiceover artist for many YouTube productions, video games, commercials, books and audiobooks.

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“Get paid to read books aloud” means you read an entire book – cover to cover – and get paid back.

Millions of book lovers prefer to listen to books read aloud over traditional printed books. And with its growing popularity, book writers don’t want to miss the opportunity to capitalize on that segment.

Therefore authors, self-published authors and publishers are actively looking for voice actors to read books. As a book reader you get paid in exchange for your time.

Instead of a fixed cash payment, as a voice actor you can receive lifetime royalties. Home prices can be up to $500 PFH or per hour completed. So, if it takes 4 hours to finish a book, you as a voice actor can earn up to $2,000 per book. Top 10 Sites to Get Paid to Read Books

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There are many websites where you can get paid to read books if you have the necessary audio skills. Here are the top 10 paid sites to read books:1. ACX

ACX or Amazon’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (also known as Audiobook Creative Exchange) is one of the best platforms to get paid to read.

The platform manages the story of Amazon, Audible and iTunes; therefore, there are many opportunities to get paid to read books.

Make Money Reading Books Aloud

You can easily sign up for an ACX account using your Amazon account and start requesting audiobook novels.

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When a book writer finds your story and hires you, you must provide 15 minutes of audio from the book.

ACX refers to audiobook narrators as audiobook producers. If you are a self-published author who wants to talk about your newly published books and hold the audiobook rights, ACX will refer you as a rights holder.

You can choose to get paid hourly or receive royalties based on audiobooks sold. 2. to vote

Voices is yet another popular place to get paid to read books. Many popular brands use Voices, such as History Channel, Microsoft, and Shopify. For any audiobook talent, this independent platform offers thousands of audiobook works.

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You need to start by creating a membership account You can choose their basic plan or insurance plan.

After creating an account, upload lots of high-quality samples and wait for the search engine to match you with potential customers. Then you can answer the blanks and send examples.

If a client likes your voice acting and hires you, you can earn between $200 and $300 per hour. Studio Rabbit

Make Money Reading Books Aloud

Another great place to get paid to read books is Bunny Studio. This website will even provide you with payment. There are no registration fees for freelance voice actors, but the platform takes a cut of the freelance money they earn.

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To get started, you need to register for a platform account and add all your skills. Once you’re done, Bunny Studio will send you an assignment to complete within 48 hours. This will be your audition.

You get four chances to prove your voice skills and become a pro (pro – that’s what they’ll call you). If you are accepted, you can create a portfolio and presentation of various projects.

One of the best features is that you get paid for every product, even if customers reject your work, but the condition is that you pass the quality check on the site.4. Places to talk

Spoken Realms is another popular site to get paid to read books. It is a thriving community with fascinating professionals and storytellers.

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Voice actors who are members of ACTRA, SAG-AFTRA or Equity are advantageous in this field, but that does not mean that other voice actors are not welcome in the field.

On speaking sites you can read podcasts or tell graphic novels and choose between a royalty rate or an hourly payment structure. Available votes

Findaway Voices is another great distribution network for authors and novelists. On this platform, the author can talk about his or her newly released book or the author can hire voiceover talent to complete the voiceover work.

Make Money Reading Books Aloud

To become an audiobook narrator on this site, you need to create a profile and then read their audiobook narrator guide to see if you meet the guidelines.

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As for payment, the platform uses the hourly completed model. However, you have the right to change your price whenever you want.

Findaway Voices has a built-in system for tracking audiobook deadlines, eliminating the need for invoices. 6. Sound editors

Another place to get paid to read books is Audio Technicians. However, you must have 5 years of business experience in the audiobook production and audio industry. You should also be a voice actor with a passionate voice.

The audio output must be of the highest quality, so you will need professional recording equipment and the demo recording you send must not contain any sound.

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This industry-leading audiobook company expects a turnaround time of up to 48 hours for recordings of 300 to 500 words.

Voiceover is a multilingual platform so you can get a full time job even if you are not a native English speaker. 7. Vote for Jungle

Another great place to make money online by reading podcasts, Voice Jungle offers both full-time and beginner voice actors. However, this platform is more focused on the podcasting and learning industry.

Make Money Reading Books Aloud

But there are many opportunities for professional voice actors looking for voice work in commercials, animation projects, car commercials, explainer videos, IVR, etc.

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To take advantage of Voice Jungle’s online career opportunities, you must have a home studio and be able to deliver within 24 hours of your request.8. Voice 123

Voice 123 is another popular site to get paid to read books. Although they have different types of audio stories, you can also become an audio book producer and read aloud children’s books or choose modern romance books or other types of books.

As in any other field, you must demonstrate your knowledge and submit samples of your vocal work.

One of the best things about the platform is that you don’t have to pay any commission or brokerage fees. Clients will pay you directly for your voting work.9. Kingdom of Sound

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Another popular site for recording audiobooks, The Voice Realm has hosted over 100,000 voiceover jobs. With thousands of job opportunities, an audiobook narrator can be hired to read books and earn extra money.

However, if you decide to join Voice Kingdom, your voice recording samples must be studio quality and you must have a good track record. Not only that, you must be able to provide quick turnaround times.

When signing up for an audiobook or voiceover artist, you should list the audio editing software you use along with your microphone profile. If you have your own blog or website, you can mention that too.

Make Money Reading Books Aloud

Brilliance Publishing, part of the Amazon Publishing Group, is a place where book lovers go for a memorable listening experience.

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Although it is primarily a place to buy audiobooks, you can also be paid to read books and earn extra cash.

There is no automatic registration system available for audiobook auditions, you can simply unsubscribe by emailing [email protected] Top sites that will pay you to read and review books

If you don’t want to make money reading books out loud, you can do it by writing book reviews.

It’s a great way to make money if you don’t have the voice necessary to get paid to read books, but you’re a good reader. Kirkus Reviews

Reading To Earn

On this website you can write book reviews and earn money. Start by registering an account and submitting a few writing samples. If they like your writing talent, they will assign you a book to read and write a 350 word review within 14 days. 2. Online book club

This is another great platform for book readers. You can earn between $5 and $60 for each book review you write, depending on the length of the book.

For the first review you will receive a free copy of the book. From your next gig you will be paid and free to review books you like. Be sure to leave an honest review, even if it’s critical.3. Examine the book

Make Money Reading Books Aloud

Browse Book is another great place to make money writing book reviews. They will ask

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