Make Money Vending Machine

Make Money Vending Machine – Nineteen-year-old Jamie Ibanez owns five vending machines, but he makes a lot of money from his YouTube channel.

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Make Money Vending Machine

Make Money Vending Machine

Vending machines are a profitable business, but not as profitable as YouTube. Paul J. Richards/AFP via Getty Images

Vending Machine Business Profitable For Tiktok Couple

Here’s a little-known fact: Vending machines are private entities. When they work at PepsiCo, the Coca-Cola Company doesn’t send drivers out every night to refill soda cans, and Wrigley never gets the four quarters you’ve been putting in your makeup bag for months. Skittles. Instead, the retail industry is home to people like 19-year-old Jaime Ibanez, who owns 25 machines in eight locations around the Dallas-Fort Worth area under the company’s banner. His: Vending Bites.

Ibanez tells me that working vending machines is funny. He wakes up early in the morning and looks at an app on his phone called Moma, which gives him a picture of some of the items he bought using his machines from the card readers. Then he goes to Sam’s Club, where he buys large multipacks of chips, pretzels, and candy. Ibanez hauls merchandise in the back of his truck on the endless highways of North Texas until he restores his vending machines and recovers his money. All this work is done by Ibanez and his girlfriend Lisbeth Galvan. (He doesn’t pay her a salary, but the vending machines cover their joint rent and bills.) The couple goes on every trip together, usually returning home by four in the afternoon.

Ibanez is a licensed mechanic, but most of his day-to-day responsibilities are like working in the gig economy: serious inventory and mileage costs, unexpected low points, and limited commercial product sales. Oversight and accountability from corporations. This seems very relevant to the number of young people earning money in 2020.

Ibanez actually earns most of his income from his YouTube channel, where he updates his 273,000 subscribers with the daily sounds of a commercial salesman. In total, Ibanez tells me, his teenager earns him an extra $10,000 a month, triple the amount he gets from housing and the dollar bills he spends on his machine. Surprisingly, Ibanez found that talking about his business in front of a camera was more profitable than actually running it. We talked about why he wanted to go from getting a real estate degree to buying vending machines and the biggest mistakes investors make.

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I graduated high school in 2018 and plan to go to real estate school. But a week after I graduated, I saw a YouTube video of someone doing the exact same thing I was doing now. It struck me as interesting: this guy was walking around taking all this money out of these machines and saying he actually worked once a day. Two days later, I went out and bought my first vending machine.

Many people think that vending machines belong to a company, not an individual. How does it grind? Is it super DIY? Do you have to deal with a company like Coca-Cola, or buy stuff and put it in the machine?

Yes, it’s easier than people think. You can buy a used vending machine from Craigslist and get your business license. You talk to business owners door-to-door and offer services. You say, “Hey, we’re a vending machine company. Would you like to work with us?” You can contract with them. I don’t have contracts with anyone I work with, but you can.

Make Money Vending Machine

Normally it is, but I have 25 machines and I pay commission to one owner. Most owners don’t even know how it works. Some of them ask me, “How much do you charge?” Charging vending machine owners to set up their machines is insane. Yes, I talk to them, we set a date to install the machine and I fill it every two weeks.

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You mentioned getting a business license. Do you have to be an LLC or something to do this properly?

Yes, you need a license and tax ID to do it legally. Mainly because it’s food and drink. We are a food and beverage company.

On normal days, when we go to repair machines, I like to wake up early in the morning because there are many machines in the offices and warehouses. Sam’s Club doesn’t open until 7, so I wake up at 6, go online – I can see what’s sold on my machine from the credit card scanners, so it tells me what’s out of drinks and chips. I write down what I need to buy and I sort the products into boxes. Then I go to space. I usually only do two or three places a day because I make videos on YouTube so I want enough to shoot.

I would say around 4pm. Since my sites are hourly, I can’t go through them all in one day because of my YouTube videos. But some people with vending machine businesses can go 10 places in a day and not come back for two weeks.

Does A Vending Machine Business Make Good Money?

The most common would be warehouses because workers cannot leave [the place]. and hair salons. I now own a barbershop and it is doing very well. But not shops. I’ve tried shops before and the staff there won’t buy anything.

I would call a good month around $6,000 to $7,000 for 25 machines and eight locations. However, the thing about vending machines is that the profit is equal to 50 percent. So about $3,000 a month. They are the parts between buying food and gas.

So when I first started I went to Sam’s and bought a lot of random stuff. It was trial and error to see what worked. But the basics always work best. M&Ms, Skittles, regular chips. I’ve tried many different candies and the basics are always the best. I stand by it. Every once in a while I’ll put the odd thing in the machine [pasts have included packets of instant ramen, frozen pizzas, microwave popcorn, even milk], but the rest is the same.

Make Money Vending Machine

What about when you withdraw quarters and nickels from a machine and try to transfer it to your bank account? Is it difficult?

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This is very annoying. I don’t take coins to the bank because I have to wear them. I’m not going to sit there and do it all day. But I have a 5 gallon bucket in my office that I dump into. About half full now. I’ll probably have to find a bank that takes loose change. Get it when it’s full.

You mentioned your YouTube channel, which is very popular right now. Why do you think people are so interested in seeing vending machine sounds work?

I think it’s really money. The reason I grew up as a teenager was because my nails were the biggest money maker and I was 18 in my own business. But many others say the videos are satisfying to see the vending machine restored. Before videos, nobody knew how it all worked.

The biggest mistake people make is not doing research on machines. They do not judge good and bad. It is very important. When selling, you want to spend less to get a good machine because it will pay off in the long run. I have talked to many people at dealerships and they tell you not to buy foreign made machines. If the machine breaks down and parts are available, they have to be sourced from Pacific, which takes weeks.

The Soda Locker

For new people, yes, because they hear it and they don’t know what’s going on. But for me, if I get a call and someone tells me that my machine isn’t accepting money, I know that would be an easy fix. Like the coin machine – where the coins go – they are locked and easily replaced.

You can be called anytime to repair the machine. I’m at home, it’s my day off, and I get a call: “Hey, there’s something wrong with the machine.” I want to be fast when running my business. I want to fix that

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