Make Money Zelda Bot

Make Money Zelda Bot – Rupees are the main currency in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and they are very difficult to obtain. You can’t find them just by mowing grass, pots are very hard to find and they don’t spawn after killing enemies. In “Breath of the Wild” you have to find your sums. Here are the best ways to earn rupees.

The biggest things you’ll want to collect are unlocking large fairy fountains and buying unique armor, as well as buying and upgrading your own house.

Make Money Zelda Bot

Make Money Zelda Bot

Go to Pondo’s Lodge northeast of Hebra Tower. From the mountain you can see the chimney of the cottage. Just go down and talk to Pond to start a mini game. Your goal is to hit all 10 pins. If you get 10 pins, it will reward you with 300 rupees (gives you a Blizzard Rod on the first success). Entry fee is Rs.20.

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After the minigame starts, Pondo moves into place; This is your link to beat this game easily. You just go with it (it shows you where to point to get the maximum price). Use the “ZL” key to target him and position yourself in the best position: behind him. The snowball should land behind him, and when you drop it, it will fly a little above Pool’s head.

This is the best way to get rupees, even if you fail, you only lose 20 rupees and no need to load your previous savings. If you get it right, you will get consecutive hits without any problem and even if you miss one, the backup hit will give you 100 rupees. Using this method, you can earn around 10000 rupees per hour with very little effort.

Specifically, the various Talus in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild drop gems like Amber, Topaz, Ruby, and Sapphire when you defeat them.

Hinox, giant cyclops, usually sleep near large mineral deposits. Thus, by cleaning them, you will be able to calmly extract stones from mines. Check out our list of Mini Bosses on our map!

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Also note that later in the game, gems are used to upgrade equipment and craft polished jewelry, so you might want to keep some of those. More on this below.

Fortunately, they are not a limited resource, as they reappear with Blood Moon, but the drops can be random and very rare.

After upgrading the Sheikah Slate, you will be able to take pictures and add items to your Hyrule collection. Adding something here, after you talk to Purah again, you can search for him with the Shake Sensor and upgrade the Shake Sensor to 3 Ancient Screws.

Make Money Zelda Bot

Do you see where I’m going with this? Take a picture of the treasure chest, set it on the Shikah sensor, and be amazed at how quickly the constant beeping can drive you insane.

Alttp] The Best Way To Rupee Grind (part 1: A Link To The Past)

There are a lot of chests and not all of them contain valuables, but it can be a fun detour. But you can also shoot ore and precious ore deposits to keep finding gems – don’t forget to bring your hammer!

These creatures are a little difficult to hunt on purpose, and your time is better spent hunting common animals for their basic and tasty meat. But sometimes you see a rabbit with a blue spirit shining in the forest.

They’re officially called Blupees, and hitting one with an arrow will cause it to drop a few rupees. The amount varies a lot, but you can get 100 or more in one shot.

Keep an eye on this glowing creature and be sure to sneak away when you see it so it doesn’t run away before you can shoot it. You can usually find one or two every few days on the road above the village of Kakariko that skirts the shrine.

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Not much. Five-Ingredient Recipes will pay you big, especially if you use high-quality ingredients…like high-quality raw meats and raw gourmet meats!

Five raw meat skewers are priced at Rs 210 and five raw meat skewers are priced at Rs 490! Do not be afraid to save this meat for health.

Meat skewers are sold at a higher price than delicious baked fruits. Cooking the four fruits with nutritious radish is best for health as it provides full recovery and temporary heart.

Make Money Zelda Bot

Save your meat to sell to vendors for rupees, and search for other tasty ingredients to make health-replenishing dishes.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Rupees

As Reddit user ambiguousbigot points out, the best place to hunt for premium meat ingredients is South Tabantha Snowfield near Snowfield Stables. The animals there are always dropping quality meat and you need to collect enough ingredients to earn 10,000 rupees per hour! So get hunting and don’t forget to claim your rewards before they freeze in the ice. Getting snowshoes will greatly help your running speed on the ice.

There are a few things to consider in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Almost every item can be used for more than one purpose other than selling it – so depending on what you want to get or upgrade, it’s worth figuring out what you can collect and what you can discard.

These are found by finding out-of-commission guards or defeating the living. The parts they drop are used to upgrade your Sheikah Slate and Rune and craft and upgrade certain armor! They can also be used to purchase ancient weapons at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

These aren’t limited resources, but taking down guards can be very difficult, so keep at least what you need:

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However, once you have the upgrades you want or need, selling a few old parts can quickly make you a lot of money!

Well, we recommended them as a way to earn money, but you might want to keep a few gems handy as you progress through the game. Precious stones include light stones! You can trade 10 of them for one diamond in Zora’s domain. However, 10 light stones sell for more than diamonds, so it all depends on what you want to do with the different stones.

Gems and stones can be used for all sorts of things in Gerudo City, such as exchanging for jewelry and armor or upgrading said jewelry and armor in Great Fairy Fountains. Most importantly, you need some gems to replace the champions’ weapons that you can get during the main quest.

Make Money Zelda Bot

Yes, even Monster Parts have uses beyond sales. Like many other materials, many different parts obtained from killing monsters are necessary to upgrade certain armor. Of course, if you’re not interested in upgrading your armor, you don’t need to keep them.

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However, Monster Parts have another important use – exchanging them with Monster Parts dealer Kilton for another currency – Mon – Monster. Found near Skull Lake, this weirdo lets you trade parts to buy unique skins and really cool gear – but it takes a lot of parts to get everything.

This includes the scales and other parts found in filming the legendary dragons found in Hyrule. You can sell these parts if you want, but be aware that some of these dragon parts are needed to open shrines linked to ancient springs and can even be used in cooking.

NO ARMOR FOR SALE EVER! Most of the armor in the game is either limited or very expensive, and since there’s no limit to the armor you can hold unlike weapons, you should never sell your armor – especially since most of it can be upgraded at Great Fairy Fountains.

The only exception is if you use Amiibo to get special outfits and happen to have duplicates. If you sell your unique armors that cannot be purchased by chance, such as a climbing tool or barbarian helmet or rubber armor – the merchant that appears in Tarray after completing Side Quest: From the Ground Up will sell these armor parts. You already have – but they cost 4000 rupees each!

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