Master Of Financial Planning

Master Of Financial Planning – Financial planners improve the lives of families and communities by providing information, management and guidance about financial matters. Located separately at the Law School, our program offers you a variety of professional faculty who teach insurance contracts, real estate planning and taxation to our JD students. You get expert advice on finance from the School of Business and Leadership. Plus, you’ll learn directly from CFP® Professionals who are working in private practice. Our 100% online program meets the CFP Board educational requirements to sit for the Certified Financial PlannerTM exam while meeting your needs for a flexible educational experience.

Faculty Ph.D.s, J.D.s, and CFPs will prepare you to expand the Kingdom of God by increasing the welfare of those you serve.

Master Of Financial Planning

Master Of Financial Planning

Annual Salary of Personal Financial Advisors in the United States US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021

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Ideal candidates for this program are those who want to find a career where they can succeed in helping others. Those in the military have the highest demand for financial services.

The principles of risk, return, liquidity, horizon planning, inflation and taxation are used in personal financial planning of discretionary income, savings, loans, investments and retirement planning.

Consider the company’s financial model and operating performance compared to its competitors and market trends to determine whether an investment in the company is attractive.

Manages financial assets by establishing appropriate investment objectives, developing appropriate portfolio strategies that consider risk-return trades, asset investments, and evaluating investment performance. It involves selecting stocks or bonds for specific portfolios and arranging the assets in asset classes and selecting the controls for each.

Millennial Master Of Finance, Zoe Abbott Shares Her Approach To Financial Planning

(1) Philosophical and theological foundations and structure of American law and justice; (2) the role of lawyers in the American justice system; and (3) legal thinking about what lawyers do, including selected legal issues.

Consider the principles of risk and insurance, income tax and the use of business insurance, analyzing and evaluating risk identification and insurance requirements, and selecting insurance companies and policies; Finally, look at these types of personal insurance; life, long-term care, disability, health insurance and annuities.

Engage in communication with clients on financial planning; the attitudes, values, attitudes and behaviors of consumers and designers; and study the Certified Financial Planning Course

Master Of Financial Planning

Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Rules of Conduct, Disciplinary Rules and Procedures, and Standards of Financial Planning Practice

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The basic areas of estate planning, including methods of transferring property at death, features and effects of the existence of property, incapacity and antiquated law, wills, trusts, estate agents, using life insurance in estate planning, estate planning documents (including wills and trusts, and planning for non-traditional relationships), IRAs and retirement plans, decedent’s income, types of trusts, features and taxes, qualified benefit trusts, gifts/transfers and gift plans, marital distributions, intra-family and business transfers . Techniques, deferring and reducing estate taxes, generational transfer taxes, federal tax and gift tax protection and tax calculation, and postmortem planning techniques. Prerequisites: FNCE 652, MLAW 542, MLAW 543 and MLAW 670.

Includes case analysis and integration of financial planning, insurance planning, financial planning, taxation, retirement and employee benefits, and estate tax planning into personal financial planning. Students will learn how to manage case scenarios to identify problems, analyze the client’s financial situation and make and implement recommendations. Prerequisite: UNIV 500 as required for admission. Prerequisites: MLAW 542, MLAW 543, MLAW 544, MLAW 670, FNCE 652, FNCE 653 and FNCE 654.

Consider the basics of personal, business and trust tax law and tax compliance, including capital gains, capital gains tax consequences, other small taxes, passive and emergency rules, donations exemptions and deductions, tax reduction techniques, and tax implications for the specialty. conditions.

All new students must register for the semester two weeks prior to the start date of the semester. Students must apply, be accepted, enroll in their first course, and confirm plans to pay for their course today.

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** To receive the post-graduation preparation course at no cost other than mailing, there is a $250 deposit and state sales tax. J.D. students must pay $430 for six semesters.

Estimated Cost of Attendance: See Estimated Cost of Attendance to see an example of the total cost of tuition and fees.

“ truly prepares students to face the ever-changing field of law. Professors teach you how to do research. Although I haven’t taken a business law course yet, it has given me the tools to find the answers I need. “

Master Of Financial Planning

Ann Buwalda, Juris Doctor (J.D.), Alumnus Year 1990 2020; Managing Attorney & Founder of Just Law International PC

Finance Master’s Degree Program, Online & On Campus

“I’m going against the best law school. gave me the best legal education. Teaching is necessary in law schools, but it is best provided by faculty and staff who care and support students.

“The most talented students can, and I always try to improve the education and interests of my classmates.”

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Postgraduate Degrees In Finance Department Of Finance, Financial Planning, And Insurance

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Master Of Financial Planning

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Financial Planning In Australia: Advice And Wealth Management, 10th Edition

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Graduate Diploma Of Financial Planning

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Master Of Financial Planning

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Financial Planning For Young Adults

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Master Of Financial Planning

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