Masters In Finance Investment Banking

Masters In Finance Investment Banking – The MSc International Finance is a 15-month, full-time Master of Science taught in English designed to provide students with the skills to meet the current needs of the financial industry.

This Master of Science offers students a unique opportunity to master the latest knowledge development and practical application through case studies and business games, as well as the required four months of professional experience to build specific skills.

Masters In Finance Investment Banking

Masters In Finance Investment Banking

The MSc International Finance consists of core programs and intensive tracks. The main program aims to give students a well-rounded education in finance, while the intensive track offers specialization in one of three areas:

Master In Finance Ie Business School By Ie Master Programs

The MSc International Finance offers students a range of skills that give them a profile suitable for working in corporate and investment banking or pursuing a career in financial consulting.

If you have a three-year bachelor’s degree, you can earn this master’s degree in two years by participating in our 12-month International Pre-Master’s Programme. See the “2-Year Master’s Option” section for more information about this course!

The intensive tracks offered within this Master of Science program allow candidates to specialize in a specific field of finance.

The Corporate Finance and Investment Banking track aims to provide students with a solid dual competency in complementary financial areas such as corporate finance and banking.

Finance Master’s Degree Program, Online & On Campus

The Financial Markets and Risk Management track is a specialized course in financial risk management that prepares students for the Internationally Recognized Financial Risk Manager® (FRM®) certification by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). This track is also a step into the exciting and challenging world of new technologies and their applications in the world of finance.

The Real Estate and Wealth Management track is designed for aspiring finance students seeking a career in investment management (RICS accreditation).

RICS is the “gold standard” professional certification in real estate. RICS accreditation ensures the quality of the curriculum and values ​​of ethics and integrity.

Masters In Finance Investment Banking

The MSc International Finance aims to prepare candidates for success in various fields of finance. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and certifications to make an impact and deliver results in areas marked for change.

What Is Investment Banking? Definition, Careers & Salary

Offering a higher education degree in International Business Administration (DESSMI), the MSc International Finance program provides the skills to:

This Master of Science relies on the active participation of financial experts and professors while using several innovative teaching methods applied to the field of finance. MSc International Finance combines academic lectures with active learning including real-world case studies, guest speakers and team-based activities.

The professional experience required to deliver the MSc International Finance Diploma is an essential opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical skills learned during the first two semesters in a professional environment. Students are free to complete their experience in France or abroad in the form of a 4-6 month internship, permanent contract position or creation of a new business or startup in France or abroad.

High-level athletes and artists can benefit from tailored programs that allow them to pursue both their studies and passions.

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If a course or module is not validated and credit is not earned for it, the student may retake the assessment during the time allotted for this purpose.

NEOMA Business School’s MSc International Finance can open doors to many future careers, including:

Applicants must demonstrate an interest in investing in a future career in finance through certifications, courses, etc. Must have a financial background or a business background with quantitative knowledge and skills.

Masters In Finance Investment Banking

Candidates should be able to communicate confidently in English, engage in group work, take initiative, have strong interpersonal skills, meet people and enjoy new experiences.

Investment Banking Vs. Private Equity

Recruitment is done on an ad-hoc basis. However, since the number of applicants is limited, applicants are encouraged to apply quickly.

Offered at the Rouen campus, this program serves as a gateway to the Master of Science for students with a three-year higher education qualification (French license or bachelor’s degree). The program is also open to students with degrees in non-business fields. The first year is an international pre-master’s program that reviews the core of business administration and leads to the elective MSc in the second year. Please indicate your preferred program when filling out your application.

The two-year program includes two compulsory internships, one at the end of the International Pre-Master’s Program (4 months) and one at the end of the Master’s Program (6 months). The internship may be conducted in France or abroad, subject to the approval of the program director and the relevance of the MSc program and course content.

Prepare for entry to the prestigious MSc by consolidating and honing your business and management knowledge in an intensive one-year international pre-master’s program.

Banking And Finance Master’s Program (with Thesis)

Incorporate and apply the learning methods of the best French business schools before starting your master’s degree.

The first year of the Master’s in Global Management is a year in which you build the basic skills you need in virtually every aspect of your professional life. Courses such as Quantitative Methods have helped me read and analyze data in a more objective way by providing skills related to various fields of study such as economics and finance. Geopolitics has given me a broader view of global business. Working full-time in an English-speaking environment also strengthens your readiness to work in an international context. The course was very useful and gave me confidence in my abilities. What I really like is the diversity of teachers. Because they come from different countries, it really gives you the feeling of studying at an international school.

After a two-year high school diploma in marketing and business and an unusual course of study, I decided to go abroad and get my bachelor’s degree in English. I graduated with a three-year bachelor’s degree and followed a two-year master’s program at NEOMA Business School. Being able to pursue an MSc degree was the perfect solution for me. Your first year at NEOMA BS prepares you to follow the Master’s in Marketing French Excellence and face professional challenges in international business. The field of assessment offers a dynamic career at the intersection of finance and accounting. You will work with major headline companies and some of the biggest names in wealth management and banking. Start learning the “language” from day one and look forward to endless opportunities to grow professionally and build a career where you want. The Vanderbilt MAcc Assessment Program prepares you for a job in the assessment services line of a public accounting firm where all of this is possible.

Masters In Finance Investment Banking

Emotion experts ask complex questions. How do you determine the value of intellectual property? What is a brand name worth? How much does a company have to pay to acquire a competitor? Here are some of the answers you will be looking for as an assessor. And today, the demand for new hires in this dynamic field is growing by double digits. At a public accounting and professional services firm, you will be part of a small, close-knit team that provides strategy and expert financial analysis and models that influence clients’ decisions on critical issues such as acquisitions, asset management, restructuring and divestitures. is. management plan.

Investment Banking Vs. Private Equity

As a valuation specialist for a leading global company, you will have unparalleled access to experts from around the world, vast data sources, and the latest methodologies and tools. You will also have the opportunity to observe and learn from client interactions, including providing support to the company’s audit/assurance service line. Evaluators handle tasks such as analyzing financial statements. Documents that support a due diligence firm’s audit team and clients on specific economic, industry and client company issues. Conduct your own analysis and ultimately progress to overseeing and managing assessment projects as a manager. Career advancement possibilities may include becoming a partner, CFO or CEO.

The accountant job was recently ranked #11 on our list of best jobs. Click here to read the full article.

Vanderbilt’s Master of Accountancy offers one degree in two separate programs: MAcc Assessment and MAcc Assurance. Both are accelerated all-inclusive programs that prepare you for positions in the world’s largest (and most prestigious) accounting and professional services firms. Watch this video to learn more about MAcc assessments and career paths for MAcc Assurance graduates.

We believe that your success is fundamental to our program’s success. That’s why the Vanderbilt MAcc Assessment Program provides personalized career advice and preparation. We help you prepare for your internship interview and facilitate a number of company-hosted interactions and school-sponsored events to help you learn more about your suitability for this dynamic and rewarding career.

Master Of Science International Finance

Contact the Vanderbilt MAcc Team for everything you need to prepare for this exciting career and excel! Click here to learn more about our partner companies.

Almost all MAcc graduates choose to start their careers with one of the Big 4 accounting and professional services firms: KPMG, Deloitte, PwC and EY. Investment banks and private equity funds are the most numerous.

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