Meal Prep Ideas For Busy Families

Meal Prep Ideas For Busy Families – There is not enough time in the day for all the things that mothers need to do. Dishes, laundry, work, sports, homework, gym, grocery shopping, housework, and I could go on forever. If you’re like me, it feels like every minute of every day is counted and I’m running out of time. How do I survive the daily grind and still make sure I eat a nutritious meal? TakeAlongs® meal prep containers make it easy to prepare healthy meals all week in advance.

Taking a few hours on the weekend to meal prep saves me A LOT of TIME during the week. Not to mention the money and stress! I don’t dream of going to bed on a Sunday night without a good amount of food prepared for my family and my lunch ready to go. I have been in the meal prep business for many years and I would like to share with you my meal prep do’s and don’ts.

Meal Prep Ideas For Busy Families

Meal Prep Ideas For Busy Families

One of the biggest obstacles for people who want to lead a healthier life is a lack of preparation. Stacking meals neatly in my fridge (TakeAlongs® meal prep containers are lightweight and stackable!) makes it so easy to avoid impulsive and unhealthy food choices. Spending a little more time preparing today will not only set you up for success, but it will also save you time tomorrow.

On The Go Meal Plan For Busy Families

Follow us @_Krista and @_Tracy on Instagram and our Facebook page where we like to get personal. You can also subscribe to Stay Fit Mom for healthy recipes, workouts, and most importantly, inspiration and encouragement. We are on Pinterest and have made lots of healthy recipes! Parents are juggling more responsibilities than ever before. At the Work Week Lunch we have a lot of respect for all the caregivers who are doing their best right now. Meal prep can be a lifesaver for busy families, so we asked the amazing parents in our community to give us their top tips for preparing meals for kids.

Whether you’re looking for meal prep ideas for kids or wondering how to get breakfast on the table every morning, we hope these great tips help.

“Roast chickens, washed lettuce in salad bags, pre-cut vegetables, repurposing ingredients (roast chicken becomes nachos or wraps, salad kits become wraps, rice becomes stir-fries or soup).” Sally from Canada

“Dinner night – Monday = soup (made in batches over the weekend), Tuesday = tacos (big surprise), Wednesday = pasta. I thought I would hate the repetitive nature, but no way. It was a life saver. We changed things up with taco-style soup. But the night distribution is always the same. Kids love reliability.” Ali from Canada

Vegan Meal Prep Ideas For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

“If something freezes well, double the food and freeze it to slowly build up a freezer supply. I pack my own lunches the traditional way, but I find the double and freeze method much more efficient for family dinners. And, for Of course, meal planning is generally the key!” Becca from Canada

“I make breakfast for the whole week. Sundays I make the same base: 9×13 egg cake (different toppings depending on what I have on hand), pancakes, sausage patties, a cottage cheese salad, and some kind of muffin. Serve style buffet with fresh fruit and yogurt Everyone serves themselves and cleanup is quick and easy for a busy morning as a mom of 5 Diana from Colorado

“I try to make things that can be used over several nights (for example, taco filling for tacos and then taco salad the next night, or cook a whole chicken and eat it with potatoes and vegetables and then make chicken noodle soup the next day next) or prepare a few things for when I have more time (like chopping vegetables or making casseroles while my husband takes a break from work, so all I have to do afterwards is pop it in the oven.) Marisa from Hamilton, Ontario .

Meal Prep Ideas For Busy Families

“Google spreadsheets [used for meal planning] that we copy and paste each week and just update sports, vacations, trips, etc. I always start cooking with an empty dishwasher and a sink full of warm, soapy water. cleaning up during meal prep and after meals When planning a menu, I make it a family event so everyone can look forward to their favorites that week Once we did a ‘world trip’ My son chose a different country for each day and found foods that were authentic to that country or reminded us of it in some way Anonymous from Tampa, FL

Freezer Meal Prep Tips For Busy Moms

“I have an eraser board that I update weekly to map out all the meals. I write down all the meals I know I won’t have to prepare: dinner out/events. I also try to hand wash all my large pans immediately after use. This helps keep it cleans my sink and gives me more room to fill the dishwasher to capacity.I hardly ever put large pots or pans in the dishwasher and now it’s almost a habit to hand wash immediately after use, so much more efficient!Kim

“Get someone to cook for dinner every night. It doesn’t matter what kind: frozen, homemade, or takeout. This has become something of a competition for us!” Kristine from Olympia, WA

“Do it during naps! Or schedule a time when the other parent is available for fun. Eliza from Vermont

“One big day of meal prep doesn’t work for us, so I cook and plan meals several times a week. Letting the kids help cut is great and letting them set the table. And promoting independent play so you can cook .It’s not always feasible to have them cook with me all the time right now, but helping out all they can helps.Sally from Ann Arbor, MI.

Freezer Meals The Whole Family Will Love

“My meal prep involves extra cooking every night at dinner to make a few extra lunches. I work from home and my daughters are currently in virtual education, so this seems to work for us. If a meal is the favorite, I make at least 2-3 extra servings for lunch Katie from Georgia

“The ice cube game when I was about 2-3 years old. We gave him a whisk and a bowl of ice and he had to scoop up as much ice as possible. This took me at least 15 minutes each time! Anonymous

“Use a concept instead of a recipe. ‘Mexican for dinner’ can mean taco salad, tacos, quesadillas, a plate with all the ingredients separately. But I can essentially make all the things with the same basic ingredients.” Elaine from Indiana

Meal Prep Ideas For Busy Families

“I follow my pediatrician’s advice: my job is to provide the food, his job is to eat it. On nights I know they don’t like a meal, I give other items like extra fruit, yogurt, or OJ toast, but I still encourage the main meal. Eliza of Connecticut

Easy 7 Day Family Meal Plan

“We each choose a meal for the week. One night everyone is happy, we try new things, you eat as much as you want, but you have to try. If you choose not to eat it, you help clean up and when it’s all ready you thank whoever prepared the meal, and you’re free to make PB and J sandwiches or toast. Nothing else. We don’t want to force anyone in our family to eat foods they don’t like, but we also don’t want to give too much choice, because that creates chaos.” Susan do Southern California

“Try to choose foods that everyone likes. Find recipes with everything you can leave out during cooking and easily add when you eat. Or look for meals with things that are easy to solve. I firmly believe that by not giving in to every little food need, your kids will be able to adjust better and learn to compromise. And maybe they like something they hate! Kyla from Arizona

I have a toddler/mother of a newborn and I don’t have time to prepare meals. What should I do?

“Focus on meals with a ‘freeze and forget’ mentality. Make real use of your pot or Instant Pot or oven. THE FREEZER IS YOUR FRIEND.” Lucia de Los Angeles

Day Clean Eating Meal Plan For The Whole Family

“Get a group of friends together and schedule a babysitter or make sure the couple is free to spend time with the kid! Then make some meals and schedule bride time!!” Sarah de Camas, WA

“Put it away! Shopping/ordering for a day, making one meal a day or every other day. And don’t be afraid of takeaways or frozen meals. Also be flexible. Sometimes the ingredients for an elegant meal are cooked one at a time and become three non-elegant meals. Just make sure you have good ingredients on hand for that magical moment when you

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