Reading Books Aloud Online

Reading Books Aloud Online – Last week, a follower asked me how to choose a book to read to my grandkids via Zoom. Many families find it difficult to be away from their loved ones these days, and sharing a book over video chat is a great way to bridge the distance.

However, not all children’s books are suitable for reading via Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or whatever remote platform you use. One option is to read books on a service like Epic! A book app that allows you to share a book on your screen instead of holding a physical book. (

Reading Books Aloud Online

Reading Books Aloud Online

However, you may prefer a physical book that can lift up to the screen so your kids can still see your face. After a bit of research, I’ve come up with some general guidelines for selecting books for remote reading sessions. Find the following properties:

Remote Read Aloud Books For Children: Connect Online!

A book does not have to have all of these characteristics. Especially if you opt for chapter books. However, if your children are having trouble engaging in distance reading, choose a book that has at least one of the characteristics in the list above. .

Here are picture books, graphic novels, and a few chapter books to help you get started. We’ve included links to more choices in the list. Good luck and happy reading!

This silent story is about friends learning how to move in harmony. Because there are no words, it gives readers and listeners alike an opportunity to explain the action. Illustrations are expressive. When the reader asks, “What do you think you’ll see when you lift this flap?” It will create an interactive read-aloud experience.

Feeling? Confirm! cool illustrations? Confirm! Anything to discuss? Confirm! A poor man lives in a crowded house and the noise and activity is driving him crazy! He seeks advice from a local rabbi. The rabbi asks to bring the animals from his front yard back to his house and turn the place into total chaos. The artwork is so much fun to explore with the fun little artwork in the house. When the farmer finally gets the surplus animals and people out of the house, he finally declares that all is at peace…just…just like he started.

Favorite Back To School Read Aloud Books

In the style of The House That Jack Built, this vivid and cumulative narrative begins with a pot and ends with a party. Spanish words are inserted into the rhymes and illustrations dance across the pages. Engage children by encouraging them to recite repeated language when reading aloud.

Here are some good choices for call and reply text. Little Coco, with her wildly tousled hair, likes to reply “No, I don’t want that!” to Bo’s reasonable requests. But Bo has the patience of a saint. Bo always replies “Okay” and allows events to unfold as natural outcomes. This is a charming and whimsical story about two people growing their freedom and learning to trust each other. Parents as well as children will have a lot to think about.

I love the Call and Answer books so much that I should definitely make a list, but here’s a great list of ACLs. I especially like roosters who won’t be quiet.

Reading Books Aloud Online

Book search and find is great for kids who love to read illustrations. Hold the book to the screen and find the pictures with your child. What could be more glorious than the thought of having a magical dragon unleashed? Intense and detailed illustrations take the reader on a journey across a big city or amusement park as a child searches for creatures. You must count to 20 to find the dragon. In Companion Book

How Read Alouds Can Benefit Older Students

The secret to good reading of chapter books remotely is the illustrations. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that most graphic novels are good for remote reading. Click here to find our list of graphic novels perfect for families. With one exception, the following books are aimed at ages 9 and under.

This clever mystery is truly a picture book and is great for older elementary school kids. A young boy explains the story and asks the reader for help finding Chapter 2. Fun puns, missing words, clever punctuation, and hilarious illustrations make this book a great read aloud, and no child will resist giving their opinion about the nature of the crime and the perpetrators!

This is my favorite new read and I don’t say it lightly! Duane the polar bear is curious and adventurous, which initially leads him to a shipwreck where he meets C.C. owl. He then meets more new friends, such as Muskox Handsome, arctic fox Magic, and Major Puffin. Together they explore the wonders of the northern landscape. The group of animals are as diverse in their personalities as their species, and the flow of the story revolves around learning to appreciate your friends. A must-read and an excellent choice for children of all ages.

Klawde is so incredibly wicked and awesome! The evil alien General Wyss-Kuzz has traveled to the worst place in the universe: Earth! He ends up in the backyard of Raj Bannerjee, a reluctant 6th grader transplanting from Brooklyn to nature-filled Oregon. Hi-jinks and melodrama ensue. The narrative begins with Raj and Klawde (

Top 12 Books To Read This Book Week

This is a truly wonderful and unique graphic novel! Also, large books are great for display on screen. Two siblings arrive at their grandmother’s house (

) but their grandmother is missing. Instead, they see footprints! They find her, and after her, a colorful adventure inspired by her Korean folklore unfolds. The story is divided into several sections based on encounters with rabbits, goblins and tigers. Human dialogue is in English and non-humans are in Korean, but non-Koreans have no problem following the story and translations are provided. Don’t miss this!

The narration alternates between Gizmo, the self-proclaimed evil genius guinea pig, and Wedge, the rather dumb Corgi, whose family, when combined, becomes one family. Selfors absolutely nailed the personalities of the two creatures and kids would roll the floor laughing and crying. You’ll never say the words “soldered potatoes” with a blank face again. This is another great choice for the most dramatic and exaggerated voices.

Reading Books Aloud Online

A great choice for elementary and middle school students. The format is a mix of traditional storytelling and cartoon-style illustration. Rai’s novel about a boy who moves to Australia with his mother and younger brother will stir your heart and tickle your funny bones. Intertwined with the narrative, the cartoon depicts the emotional experiences of 11-year-old Jingwen as she struggles to learn a new language and navigate an unfamiliar culture. Grief-stricken from the loss of her father, Jingwen copes by baking a cake with her brother. wonderful book.

Fantastic Read Aloud Books For Elementary Schoolers

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Find over 50 free online read-aloud books and stories to read aloud for kids of all ages on this great site. Perfect for reading on the go!

Regardless of age, children love to hear stories. Some of our most requested stories are included in our list of our 50+ Favorite Read Aloud Books for Kids.

Weekly “bad Guys” Books Read Aloud (ages 4 & Up) Online Event

Ask any child and they will tell you that one of their favorite parts of the day is reading aloud and talking!

Listening to books read aloud helps children of all ages develop better concentration and listening skills, unleash their imagination, expand their vocabulary, and nurture their desire to be readers.

I love encouraging parents to read to their children every day. A 15-minute story has so many amazing benefits!

Reading Books Aloud Online

In addition to parent/child read-aloud time, families can include online readings and audiobooks as part of their child’s literacy activities.

Best Sites For Free Online Books For Kids

Online read aloud is the perfect way to keep your kids busy on long car rides or when you just want to read a book together on the go 🙂

Also, audiobooks can really help your children read and increase their reading time. Use audiobooks in the car while running errands or while preparing dinner.

The thumbnail image in this post is an affiliate link to Amazon, and the blue text links to the book and website names lead to free audio websites. Additional reading resources are also included.

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