Retirement Planning Checklist Pdf

Retirement Planning Checklist Pdf – This checklist will help you think about and plan for retirement. Work through the questions below and answer them as fully as possible. Contact a financial advisor who can help you create a good retirement strategy after you’re done.

HOW MUCH RETIREMENT INCOME CAN I EXPECT? – This figure should include Social Security, savings, investment and retirement accounts, expected proceeds from asset disposals, and other known sources of income.

Retirement Planning Checklist Pdf

Retirement Planning Checklist Pdf

WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO COST AFTER YOU DO IT? – This number should include health care, insurance, taxes, “play money” and residual debt. Also factor inflation and contingencies into your estimate.

Steps To Creating Your Retirement Plan

DOES YOUR INCOME COVER YOUR EXPENSES WHEN WORKING? – Consult a financial advisor to develop a plan to help you save enough for retirement.

ARE YOU IN DEBT? – If you are not debt free, now is the time to develop a plan to eliminate your existing debt before you retire.

Should you work after retirement? – Think about what you can do at work in retirement to bring in extra income in your golden years.

HOW TO SAVE MORE MONEY NOW AND IN RETIREMENT? – Start implementing ways to save more money now and in retirement by choosing frugal living.

Checklist: Get Ready For Retirement

HOW WILL YOU FILLING YOUR TIME IN RETIREMENT? – Have you thought about what you do in your free time? Consider activities, hobbies, and travel. You also plan for any expenses related to these interests.

HOW DO YOU WANT TO FALL YOUR HEALTHCARE EXPENSES? – Research retirement health coverage options and/or review your current plan to make sure it will be adequate and that coverage will stop when you retire.

WHERE DO YOU PLAN TO LIVE? – Consider whether you want to stay where you are now, look for a smaller/cheaper home, move in with a family member, or find support or a community setting.

Retirement Planning Checklist Pdf

Have YOU shared your thoughts and concerns with loved ones? – Talk to loved ones about your retirement expectations. Discuss finances, what to do in case of a health crisis, living arrangements, and anything else that might affect them.

Financial Advisor Meeting Checklist: 15 Documents To Bring To Your Meeting

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