Retirement Planning Guide Pdf

Retirement Planning Guide Pdf – Preparing your finances in advance is a wise and common practice. Achieving a comfortable retirement is a very important event for many people, not only financially, but also socially and psychologically.

Retirement planning is the process of setting goals for your retirement years and the steps and decisions needed to achieve those goals. This includes identifying sources of income, estimating costs and cash flow, implementing savings plans and managing assets.

Retirement Planning Guide Pdf

Retirement Planning Guide Pdf

Unfortunately, for many people living in Pakistan who have not planned for retirement, it is the phase of life that they dominate:

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For retirees without sufficient retirement income, living with the support of family members can be challenging and humbling. In Pakistan, most workers are not part of the pension system. Private citizens rely heavily on:

There are certain services in Pakistan through pension plans which are based on lump sum such as welfare schemes and free payments. The importance of lump sum benefit schemes is limited, as they shift the responsibility of pension fund management and longevity risks to retirees. Pension plans exist, but they are primarily in the public sector, including governments and multinational companies.

To enable the employed as well as the self-employed to enjoy their retirement in a regulated environment, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) introduced the Voluntary Pension Scheme (VPS) in 2005. The Voluntary Pension Scheme is regulated by the SECP.

Retirement planning is an ongoing, lifelong process that requires years of dedication to build the retirement assets needed for a comfortable retirement. While it is impossible to cover all the topics in our brief discussion above, we hope that you now have a basic understanding of retirement planning.

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In Pakistan, to enable employed and self-employed people to enjoy their retirement in a regulated environment, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) introduced the Voluntary Pension Scheme (VPS). It is important that you take advantage of VPS to build a secure future for your family.

As mentioned above, it is always recommended to consult an investment advisor. We encourage you to contact your asset management company/pension manager today and start saving for your retirement by opening an Individual Retirement Account.

Contact details of all asset management companies managing pension funds under VPS are available on the Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP) website at the following link: Learn how to build your retirement nest egg by making cash payments or transfers to your special account. or pension account.

Retirement Planning Guide Pdf

Putting aside a large amount of money for retirement can seem like a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be as scary as many think if the power of compound interest, once described by Albert Einstein as the “eighth wonder of the world” is used wisely – for good reason.

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, it is possible to accumulate large savings in your accounts by saving small amounts every now and then.

Under the Retirement Top Up Scheme (RSTU), you can top up your Special Account (SA) if you are under 55, or your Retirement Account (RA) if you are 55 and over, by transfer or cash in cash. If you want to fund your loved ones’ retirement savings goals, you can also top up their SA or RA savings.

Whether you’re planning to build your retirement nest egg or helping loved ones grow their retirement savings, here’s RSTU’s guide to help you start growing your money with compound interest!

Savings in your Ordinary Account (OA) earn a base interest of 2.5%, while SA or RA savings earn a base interest of 4%. If you are under 55, you can transfer your OA savings to SA to earn higher interest. If you are 55 and older, you can save more for your retirement needs by rolling your SA or OA savings into your RA.

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You can make money additions to your or any other recipient’s accounts. You can enjoy dollar-for-dollar tax relief of up to $7,000 per calendar year if you top up your SA or RA with cash, and an additional $7,000 per calendar year if you add money for parents, in-laws, grandparents, spouse and brother and sister

What is the maximum amount of transfer or increase that I or my loved ones can receive?

If you are under 55, you can top up your SA to your current full pension (FRS). For those aged 55 and over, you can increase your RA up to your current Enhanced Retirement Amount (ERS). Similarly, your loved ones can receive an increase up to FRS in their SA if they are under 55, and up to ERS in their RA if they are 55 and over. Here are examples for each age group:

Retirement Planning Guide Pdf

The recipient can quickly check how much they can receive via My Online Services > My Messages (see the section under RSTU).

Pdf) Late Career Planning And Job Crafting For Older Workers

If you want to pass your savings on to your spouse, parents or grandparents, your balance will only need to exceed the Gross Retirement Allowance (BRS)—which is half the Gross Retirement Allowance (FRS).

. For transfers to parents or grandparents, this is on condition that you have enough savings including property/mortgage allowance to meet at least the current FRS (if you are under 55) or the FRS that applies to you (if you are 55 and above).

To better understand this, you can look at these examples (PDF, 0.07 MB) in calculating the transfer amount for parents and grandparents.

You can contact here for information about transferring RSTU to your siblings, in-laws, grandparents or parents/grandparents if you do not have the benefit/commitment of property.

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Alternatively, you can check how much you can save for your loved ones via My Online Services > My Messages (see the section under RSTU).

Now you can easily transfer or add money on the go with the mobile app (available for Android or iOS):

You can also make transfers through my online services and top up cash in the following ways:

Retirement Planning Guide Pdf

If you still have questions about your savings, find out more about the pension supplement scheme.

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1 Including an additional 1% interest payable on the first $60,000 of a member’s total balance, of which up to $20,000 comes from the Ordinary Account (OA). Members over the age of 55 will also receive an additional 1% interest on the first $30,000 of their combined balance, and up to $20,000 from OA.

3 Only applies to cash additions to the current Retirement Sum (FRS). Cash increases outside the relevant FRS will not be eligible for tax relief. To qualify for additional cash tax credits for your spouse or siblings, they must not have had an annual income of more than $4,000 in the year preceding the additional year (e.g. wages or tax-exempt income such as bank interest , dividends. and pension) or be disabled. A total income tax credit limit of $80,000 applies to cash additions to the account. For other terms and conditions regarding tax benefits, see the additional benefits section here.

4 From October 2018, members can transfer savings in excess of BRS (rather than FRS) to their parents and grandparents, if the member has sufficient allowance/commitment to meet at least the current FRS (if under 55). age), or the FRS applicable to him (if he is aged 55 and over). This reinstatement of the supplemental rule provides members who provide their parents and grandparents with more opportunities to enhance their parents’ and grandparents’ retirement adequacy. , certified financial planner Ted D. Snow introduces techniques for evaluating one’s options and creating a personalized road map to achieving one’s retirement dreams.

To provide laypeople with the knowledge they need to plan for retirement well, the book is divided into three parts. It first explains the different types of investment options and how to evaluate them as part of a portfolio. Included here is a guide to calculating future costs and additional age-related medical needs. Retirement plans have a lot of moving parts, Snow admits, as long as he shows how the pieces fit together or can be modified to achieve specific goals. Here, tips for finding a spouse for early retirement and advice on accelerating savings and staying in a high-paying home, or continuing to work part-time throughout the year, can put your dream retirement home within reach. convenience.

Christopher L. Hayes, Richard A. Kalish And David Guttman (eds), European American Elderly: A Guide For Practice, Springer Publishing Company, New York, 1986, 272 Pp., $30.95, Isbn 0 8261 5450 6.

The second part of the book examines finance in more detail. Age-related income streams are described, including Social Security, pensions, and annuities, along with options for including each in a plan. The idea of ​​building a balanced portfolio is introduced. While the book recommends hiring a professional to help build and manage an investment portfolio, it also advises staying informed and involved, and communicating about changes in financial goals and needs. The third part of the book explains the previous topic,

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