Traditional Pay As You Go Sim

Traditional Pay As You Go Sim – GOMO SIM offers just 20GB data, 200 minutes of talk time, 200 SMS and toll-free numbers (usually charged at $5/month) on a no-contract plan, all for just $20.

If that’s not enough, you can conveniently add 10GB of data, 100 minutes of talk time and 100 SMS on the GOMO mobile app for just $10 per month.

Traditional Pay As You Go Sim

Traditional Pay As You Go Sim

A week after I woke up I signed up for GOMO and that was my GOMO experience.

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HardwareZone has a great article comparing all SIM + contract plans in Singapore right now.

GOMO is HardwareZone’s mobile plan choice, not 1, 2, but 3 categories – Value, Basic and Mid-Range plans, as they offer the most value for the lowest price. Another positive point is that GOMO operates on Singtel network.

M1 and StarHub have also joined the party in the last 30 days and are offering their own competitors M1’s SIM card and StarHub.

Plan, I recommend reading the HardwareZone article linked above or the MoneySmart article on SingTel GOMO vs Starhub Giga vs M1.

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When I first signed up for GOMO, there was no data cap. Data mining is practically a norm these days. I’m surprised that SingTel plans don’t have data roaming options.

Fast forward 3 months later, GOMO finally introduced their data encryption feature – Data Pump. 1GB of data costs $10 and the data pump is valid for 10 days at 10 different destinations. The 10 destinations are Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea.

For example you visit 3 countries namely Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines in 10 days. If you use 200MB in Malaysia, 400MB in Thailand and 400MB in the Philippines, you only pay $10. Unlike some telcos, GOMO doesn’t charge more for each destination you visit, but instead charges a flat fee per destination you want to visit.

Traditional Pay As You Go Sim

Plus, if you’re traveling with friends and/or family, you can share data with them via Mobile Hotspot!

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Make sure you configure your phone’s network settings for data pump to work! See this guide for more details.

PS: You can also consider StarHub’s Happy Ride prepaid SIM card. Here’s a link to an article on why I think this is the best Singapore Planet SIM card for Malaysia (and some other maritime countries).

It’s been 2.5 months since I registered with GOMO. My experience with GOMO has been very positive so far. I have nothing to complain about GOMO as there are no deal makers (yet) anyway. Nothing is perfect. Difficulties are inevitable in the early days.

I’ll start with the positives. Note that I only highlighted 1 positive. There are a lot of positive things to talk about here, but I don’t think they are enough. Since everything else works (almost) as I expected, I’ll focus on the chicken.

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Personally, I find that the value provided by the $20 GOMO plan far outweighs the hassle I experienced.

I like that there are no hidden fees (like $5.35 for caller ID) and it’s a flat fee of $20 per month that I see on my credit card statement.

I am Above all I am not a power user, far from one. I know a friend who uses more than 100GB per month and this is definitely not a plan for him. From a data usage perspective, I can sometimes be bundled up with my laptop when I’m surfing YouTube and working in coffee shops. I don’t really play mobile games. So 20GB is not enough for me, I can use the data to my heart’s content and don’t need to monitor my usage closely. Second, I always like to keep fixed costs low, and keeping mobile costs at $20 a month certainly fits that bill. Last time I spent only $20 on mobile payments.

Traditional Pay As You Go Sim

So considering your monthly data usage and other needs, GOMO might not be the right plan for you, but it’s worth considering! And I hope this article gives you some pointers on the potential looks you can expect if you sign up for GOMO.

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Let me know in the comment box below and I’ll add to the article when there are milestone updates! Thanks for reading!

Update APN settings. Instead of using postpaid setting (Electronic Idea), use prepaid setting. You will find the following settings:

[Updated as of January 16, 2020] GOMO can now support 1800 numbers! Good news for new and existing GOMO users!

GOMO is a postpaid mobile phone plan. Unlike prepaid services, there is no need to switch to a service later if you want to connect to another telco. Money What are the best SIM cards in Singapore (2022 edition) If you ever exceed your data limit, you can choose a SIM card available in 2022. By Dinesh Dayani on August 4, 2022

Best Pay As You Go Sim Deals 2022: The Best Payg And No Contract Sim Deals For Calls, Data, Texts And Roaming

The mobile market in Singapore is characterized by contract plans with phone allowances. These plans pay for the mobile plan and phone allowance as part of the monthly fee (the plan is part of the phone installment plans). However, this means that if you don’t renew the contract soon after the 2-year mark, you’ll basically be paying extra for the phone you’ve already paid for, as the plan will continue at a higher rate. However, this only changed with the introduction of regular plans.

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SIM-only cards do not include phone allowances and most of them come with the benefit of no contract. Customers can always switch if a competing telco offers a better plan or if the telco provides unsatisfactory reception/service. Of course, there are downsides to switching, such as SIM card delivery times, lack of reception, and data while waiting for setup and activation.

Traditional Pay As You Go Sim

Another advantage is that you can choose when to upgrade your phone instead of on a 2-year renewal schedule. For iPhone fans, this is good news because you can theoretically get the latest iPhone every year when you trade in an older model, but if you’re tied to a 2-year plan, you may have to pay an early upgrade penalty. Those who find it difficult to transfer contacts, photos and apps can choose to use the phone for 3 or 4 years before upgrading and saving.

Sim Career Guide 2022 By Gti Media Asia

Another advantage of SIM-only plans is that they now focus more on data provision. This is usually compared to traditional postpaid (2-year contract) plans, which typically offer more text and talk time, but less data, and prepaid plans that charge higher rates for data usage. If you are a heavy data user, SIM card plans are a good option for you.

It’s clear that SIMs are only becoming more common. Three local telcos, SingTel, StarHub and M1, are SIM-only, as is Singapore’s fourth telco, SIMBA (formerly TPG Mobile).

Several Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have also entered the SIM-only market – GOMO Mobile (powered by SingTel), Giga (powered by StarHub), Circles.Life, Zero1, MyRepublic, redONE, ViviFi, Grid Mobile (powered by SingTel and ST Telemedia through partnership), as well as CMLink (China Mobile), Changzhi Mobile and Gorilla Mobile.

This has led to more intense competition in the already crowded telecom market. The main beneficiaries are consumers in Singapore (for now), as prices continue to fall, service standards are under pressure to improve, and products become more innovative.

Guide To Prepaid Mobile Data Plans And Sim Cards In Germany (2022)

We have only looked at SIM cards offered by various telcos and MVNO operators in Singapore. All promotions and discounts are waived to eliminate differences that individuals may experience based on the duration of their subscription, especially as monthly fee discounts are seasonal and available for a limited time only.

Not everyone has the same needs, so we look at both types of users. User A will be a person with moderate data demand (20GB and below) and B will be a person with very high data demand (above 60GB). Based on this project, we recommend plans that meet the requirements of both projects.

User A is a typical Singaporean who only needs basic data or enough data to keep them entertained during their commute (Youtube/Netflix/mobile games). People in the User A profile may occasionally use mobile hotspots to use the Internet on-site or to work on-site on their laptops.

Traditional Pay As You Go Sim

B Users are primarily individuals

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