What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking – What is an Investment Bank? It’s a common question with many confusing answers. In this visual guide, Latin Fields, we will tell you in detail everything you need to know about Investment Banking.

It’s no wonder that many are left scratching their heads when they first learn about the Investment Banking industry.

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

Investment bankers are very similar to real estate agents, but instead of helping clients buy (or sell) homes, they help buy and sell entire businesses.

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Investment banks come in all shapes and sizes. Banks range from one-person shop firms to tens of thousands of employees.

While you may find some corner cases that don’t fit neatly into these buckets, these are the three main types of Investment Banks.

Internally, most banks are divided into groups with a specific area of ​​focus. There are two main types of groups within the Investment Bank:

As we will see shortly, the delineations between these two categories are not always clear, but these two categories are strong foundations for understanding how Investment Banking works.

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Although naming conventions for group coverage vary, the categories shown in the image above have the most common names for product groups, as well as the ideal customers for each group.

Also, “Cooperative Bankers tend to work together in these groups so they can be expert advisors to their clients.”

Junior Bankers in these groups follow industry trends and take a close look at everything from fundamental secular and fundamental trends to valuations and recent merger and acquisition activity in their region.

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

However, it is often less likely to play an active role in execution tasks (model, process, management, material creation, etc.).

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‘Product’ bankers carry out a specific type of transaction (eg M&A, Restructuring, etc.), which are completed on a daily basis.

These banks are often referred after signing the agreement (ie, the client agrees to work with the bank).

While they are not usually industry experts, they deeply understand the intricacies of doing business, which makes their input invaluable.

Junior Bankers in the ‘Product’ Group are typically responsible for creating and managing all the analysis and presentations that support most of the process.

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Typical tasks can range from internal memos to developing multi-tab financial models that the company has created to develop important details.

New bankers in these groups often get more technical experience, which can lead to better exit opportunities when the banker leaves the firm.

Because of the potential for better results, these groups (especially M&A and Financial Sponsors) are often in high demand.

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

Again, however, the internal structure of the group differs from individual investment banks, which can dramatically change the type of experience for new bankers in “Product” groups.

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This group is often considered to be the sixth largest group within Investment Banking working on industry-transforming deals that end up on the front page of publications like the Wall Street Journal.

M&A is a non-stop, high-intensity activity. As a result, this group is often one of the most influential groups within the bank.

The other product bank is the Restructuring Bank. These banks appear when the company is in financial difficulties.

Since there is so much missing from what these banks do, but so simple, we can fix this with the real estate analogy from the previous article.

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If the value of the home falls below the value of the mortgage, we say the home is ‘underwater’.

When the value of the business decreases below the value of the debt, we call the firm ‘distressed’.

In short, Restructuring Bankers work with companies that are in financial distress and help them find an amicable agreement between the investors and the various creditors involved in the company.

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

The other type of banking product is Debt Banking. These banking companies help Capital raise debt.

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In short, there are many large (or ‘institutional’) lenders whose sole business is to lend to companies.

However, it does not make sense for a company to have relationships with thousands of lenders who can give them money down the road.

Debt Bankers maintain relationships with these creditors and help companies attract creditors to interest them.

The bankers then process the ‘book building’ of interested creditors, who then lend the money to the client company. The investment bank manages this process from start to finish and collects a fee in return.

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When a company wants to invest money, they come to the last group of Product Bankers, which are Equity Bankers.

Similar to Debt Bankers in the previous section, individuals in these groups maintain relationships with investors of all sizes and clients to assist in the process of raising capital from those investors.

Equity groups within a bank typically break down investments based on the amount of investor capital they raise.

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

If a company raises equity capital (or ‘Stock’) from the public market, it will usually work with an equity capital group (‘ECM’).

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This group specializes in helping companies list their shares for the first time through what is called an Initial Public Offering (or ‘IPO’).

They can also help companies navigate the smart process of raising additional capital (a ‘second offering’) after their IPO is complete.

On the other hand, if a company is looking to raise capital from private investors, then they will turn to private equity placements.

The bankers of this group develop relationships with large investors around the world with a large amount of funds in reserve.

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Private equity bankers work to connect their clients with these investors and help them tell their story so they can raise investor funds.

However, there is considerable variation between different banks in the distinctions between the groups defined above and, as a result, the lines between the groups are often somewhat blurred.

For example, Goldman Sachs Industrial Groups often do some of their own execution, especially for M&A.

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

For example, if you work in Goldman’s highly sought-after Technology, Media and Telecom (‘TMT’) division, you deal with industries and M&A, even though TMT is not a product group.

Investment Banking |corporate Banking

In summary, we can use the original explanation as a starting point to understand what each group does within the bank.

But many banks combine the functions of Product Group and Industry Coverage Group and have little or no reason why.

Groups that typically consist of: Debt Capital Markets, Leveraged Funds, Financial Sponsors, Equity Capital Markets and Private Equity Placements.

Beyond these groups, there is great variation in the amount of implementation across Industry Groups within each bank.

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Because Elite Boutique Banks focuses on advisory, their breakdowns typically revolve around two main advisory offerings: M&A and Restructuring.

Some of the Elite Boutique banks break down M&A by Industry, similar to the Industry Coverage groups we saw above.

In firms with this structure, bankers in an industry group typically focus on M&A within that particular industry only.

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

Although approachable, as they move up the banking ranks, they tend to specialize in specific industries.

The Investment Banking Club (ntu)

You’ll often hear the two mentioned in Investment Banking discussions, but it’s not clear how their roles differ…if at all.

However, the bankers of these groups are only known for raising capital from foreign investors and creditors. Capital markets banks act as a direct interface between banking clients and the debt and capital markets.

Because of their market-facing role, the Capital Markets Group is often described as a separate entity, but they are just another part of Investment Banking.

Given the land lines mentioned above, the inner workings of Investment Banks can be very confusing from the outside.

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Finally, while the functions of the Industry ‘Coverage’ Groups and the ‘Product’ Implementation Groups may fall depending on the bank, in the end, each bank usually provides a combination of advisory and capital services.

We hope that by breaking down the basic groups within Investment Banks, the services and key aspects of the firms, we can better understand how these firms operate.

Mike Kimpel is the founder and CEO of Finance, a next-generation no-nonsense career training platform. Mike has worked in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Mutual Funds during his career.

What Is Leveraged Finance Investment Banking

He is an adjunct professor in Columbia Business School’s Value Investing Program and leads the way for Distributed Access Finance, a nonprofit organization that provides access to top-tier financial resources for students at underserved schools. from underserved backgrounds.

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In many ways they are very similar to real estate agents. However, Investment Bankers recommend transactions with businesses (as opposed to Homes).

Investment Bankers advise their clients on the purchase and sale of companies (‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ or ‘M&A’) and assist clients if they come across the District.

Investment Bankers typically pay a small percentage of the purchase/sale value in an M&A transaction or a percentage of the money raised in equity or debt.

They also often help their clients obtain finance from lenders (‘Mortgage’) to finance their home purchase.

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Investment Bankers do it all

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