Where Can I Sell My Vending Machines

Where Can I Sell My Vending Machines – Food Theme 10 Unique Vending Machines in Singapore That Sell Instant Coffee, Pizza, Chili Crab and More Jul 16, 2019

Almost everyone is a fan of slot machines. After running around during a break or after a day of lectures, a refreshing drink from the vending machine is the perfect choice.

Where Can I Sell My Vending Machines

Where Can I Sell My Vending Machines

But it’s 2019 and vending machines are no longer just white metal boxes that dispense bottled drinks. Today, you can get a variety of whole foods, ice cream, and even fish at the touch of a button. Here are 10 of the most interesting and unique vending machines that quietly popped up in Singapore.

Cup Noodle Vending Machine For Sale Hot Water Supply

Charge your car and your crew at the island’s 12 Shell stations with this Dabao Coffee and Tea machine. If this steaming cup of kopitiam-style coffee tastes familiar, that’s because it’s the same one served at Toast Box, as both brands are owned by BreadTalk. We offer six traditional coffee and tea options here, starting at $1.10 per cup, making it an easy and affordable way to get your caffeine fix while filling up your tank on the way to work.

Almost every Singaporean knows the nostalgic taste of Polar curry. However, students at institutions like Temasek Polytechnic and SMU don’t have to go out and buy this classic after-school snack as their university section is blessed with Polar Puffs & Cakes vending machines. Puffs are baked fresh daily and served hot. Prices start at $1.50, meaning even students on a tight budget won’t have to worry about getting their daily dose of Curry Potato Puffs or Chicken Sausage Rolls.

I never thought I’d see raw fish dispensed from a machine, but I think the future is here thanks to Lyng Seafood’s Norwegian salmon ATM. There are more than 100 of these quirky vending machines in Singapore, each offering 200g of frozen fillet. The snacks are vacuum packed and cost $5.90 each, making them great for a quick meal prep or weekend meal.

The ready-to-eat crab vending machine by House of Seafood offers chili crab, black chili crab and salted egg yolk crab. Each crab weighs about 1 kg and costs $60. The machine cooks crab in five minutes, so you can have a hot meal almost immediately. Each box also comes with a bib and plastic gloves so you can dig as quickly as possible.

Vending Machines Selling Everything, Including Gold, In Singapore

Fight the temptation with the Shake Salad salad machine. While the selection isn’t as wide as the salad shop’s, you can still pick a salad base and toppings for $6. To ensure freshness, the machine is refilled daily, so no wilted leaves can accompany a bowl of salad. If you don’t want a bowl of salad, you can grab a sandwich or a healthier snack from the machine.

VendCafe by Chef Dina Box started on the empty deck of the sleepy Sengkang, an army of six vending machines serving everything from ubiquitous snacks and drinks to full hot meals. There are now 12 such “cafes” on the island, some even equipped with tables.

Even if it’s not the place to be for a first date,   get the fried chicken with mushroom sauce ($4), Briyani rice ($5) and organic soy sauce ($1).

Where Can I Sell My Vending Machines

Ordering from a comfortable couch at Pizza Hut is pretty high on the comfort scale. Still, SHIOK! The pizza machine goes a notch higher and pours out steaming hot pizza in four minutes. When football starts and you have to wait an hour for delivery, a 12-inch Hawaiian pizza ($16) is hard to beat.

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One of my fondest memories of Japan is stepping out of a steaming onsen and cooling off with a Heagen-Dazs ice cream stick straight from the vending machine. Now I can bring at least half of that fantasy to life at home, because the people behind SHIOK! Pizza also launched a Heagen-Dazs vending machine. If you are too lazy to go to the supermarket and stand in line for ice cream, this vending machine should do the trick.

Vending machines usually dispense items such as snacks and sugary drinks – products not known for their health benefits. This 21st Century Health vitamin dispenser turns that idea on its head, dispensing a range of supplements such as omega-3, ginkgo biloba and children’s multivitamins. This is not a reason not to fill up on vitamins.

Most grocery stores are not open 24/7, so if you need groceries in the wee hours of the night, OurStore.sg is your saviour. We’re not sure why you need a 10kg bag of rice at two in the morning, but this vending machine offers it, along with a lot of other food. The range is not limited to food – printing inks and detergents are products on the shelf.

As technology advances, there is no doubt that we will see more unusual items in vending machines in the near future. But even if going to a vending machine for dinner becomes normal, freshly cooked food will not be replaced. After all, no robot mechanism can replace the loving touch of a mother or the skillful hands of a skilled cook. SINGAPORE — Bookworms rejoice! BooksActuly, a local independent bookstore known for its fiction and literary curation, has introduced book vending machines in high-traffic locations in Singapore.

Activesg Launches Exclusive Merchandise Vending Machines Islandwide

There are currently two machines located at the National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Visitor Center in Orchard Road. A third machine will be installed later this month at the Goodman Center for the Arts, which is also home to the National Arts Council.

Each machine carries up to 150 books, focusing on titles from local publishers and authors.

Actual Book Owner Kenny Lecktold (opens in new tab) told Channel News Asia that he was inspired by the original Penguin Books Penguincubator to set up a book vending machine in Singapore.

Where Can I Sell My Vending Machines

Countries with book vending machines include Japan, known for its pocket-sized books and manga comics, and much of Europe, such as Spain, Germany, and Sweden.

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Leck also said that sales are not the driving force and that he ultimately wants to promote Singaporean literature and encourage Singaporeans to pick up more books.

Currently, BooksActually’s book vending machine only works with cash, but in the near future, cashless payments will also be available.

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There are some very unique slot machines out there today. Here’s a list of the coolest, weirdest and most shocking slot machines from Singapore.

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Where Can I Sell My Vending Machines

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Bollywood star couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol are likely to step out to ensure their daughter’s education in Singapore. Their daughter … one minute before midnight on July 21, 2021, as passengers staggered sleepily through Manchester Airport, I stood with my arms folded in the light of a seven-foot-tall vending machine prominently bearing the owner’s name – BRODERICK. – and put it as a clever trap between the arrivals and the taxi station. Standard torture. Sweet or salty? Liquid or something to munch on? I settled on Doritos, punched in a three-digit code, and touched my card to the reader as the package jerked forward, propelled by a swirling spiral of plastic, and tipped into the machine’s well. My Doritos landed with a thwap, a sound that is always a relief to lovers of vending machines, because there is no mechanical failure. Judging by the clock, which now reads 12:00, this is the first vending machine sale in the UK.

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