Youth Development Fund Zambia

Youth Development Fund Zambia – With populations in Malawi and Zambia comprising more than 50 percent runners, there is growing pressure among governments, development partners and civil society to recognize the special needs and vulnerabilities of people who run, as well as their enormous potential to positively contribute to development. . .

Two DEF projects capitalize on this momentum by focusing on building the capacity of people who run to play a meaningful and enhanced role in governance structures. The Malawi Human Rights Youth Network works with member youth organizations and local governments in all three regions of the country to strengthen partnerships and increase awareness. The program was launched in December 2014 and January 2015 with a series of consultative meetings at the regional level, which brought together 60 young leaders to develop a road map of priority issues at the national level and discuss common challenges. Issues raised included lack of funding available to undertake youth related activities at Council level; Lack of understanding of the needs and potential of Yog people as real stakeholders; and, conversely, young people’s lack of knowledge about how they can play an effective role in local government and limited capacity to carry out effective and constructive lobbying and advocacy. To coordinate this, the second phase of the project provided relevant hands-on training for selected members of related youth organizations on budgeting, leadership skills, structure and roles. Each participant developed an advocacy action plan with their respective organization and provided cascading training to their members.

Youth Development Fund Zambia

Youth Development Fund Zambia

Strengthening the capacity of these people to run and increasing spaces for dialogue is planned through internships in local government bodies, promotion through talk shows and social media. MHYRN also conducts issue-based sensitization campaigns to raise public awareness on issues raised by youth groups in the roadmap in the form of road shows with theater and dance.

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Success story. An action plan developed by the Malawi Youth Impact grant following a DEF-funded training session focused on promoting youth inclusion in local government structures. After face-to-face meetings with the District Council, the Executive Committee of the latter agreed on the importance of including a youth representative on the Council and encouraged further elections. “It was the first time I learned about local government during a training held in March,” said Youth Impact Executive Director Cecilia Chivga. “Thanks to MHRYN and DEF for the informative training, the Yogi people of Machinga are now actively involving local leaders in development projects because they have been informed that they have a right to participate and a right to development.”

In Chipata, in the Eastern region of Zambia, the DEF-led Good Governance and Accountability Promotion project aims to strengthen youth participation in democratic processes to promote transparency, accountability and good governance. Through budget monitoring and social audit exercises, as well as leadership skills training, youth-led civil society organizations are empowered to monitor the use of component development FDs and encouraged to create informed platforms among them. A project run by the Youth Development Fund raises awareness of committees about their rights and roles to adapt responsibilities through civic awareness meetings, blogs and radio chats. In 2020, the Government of Zambia through the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock will provide several seed packs to various youths from all 10 provinces in the country. This was at the launch of a six (6) million US dollar youth empowerment initiative at the Mulungushi Conference Center in Lusaka. The event was graced by the Vice President of Zambia, Mrs. Inonge Mutukwa Wina. Before officially launching the initiative, the Vice President in his speech congratulated the youths who benefited from the empowerment fund as the process was very competitive. He, however, urged the youths to repay the loan so that other Zambian youths can benefit from the same fund. Empowerment funds ranged from K2 million to K12 million.

Arthur Chingwe, a youth beneficiary who traveled with 14 other youths from Muchinga Province, expressed his joy at the support he received; I applied to the program and was accepted and trained in aquaculture. I will use the fund for Fish Farming in Muchinga as it will help promote my Fish Farming business. We (Muchinga youth beneficiaries) will work together for technical advice.” Muchinga’s youth contingent received just over K2 million while Northern Province walked away with a whopping K11 million.

Other youth engaged in various economic activities were equally given a platform to speak and express their point of view. Bioenergy entrepreneur and founder of Green Belt Energy, Jane Nakasamu, spoke about the need for the Government to reduce business challenges facing young people, such as simplifying the certification process and providing tax rebates.

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Meanwhile, the Honorable Minister of Youth, Sports and Child Development, Mr. Emmanuel Mulenga, in his speech asked his fellow ministers to join their efforts and cater to the needs of the youth. Zambia recently celebrated Youth Day with the “Zambia Youth. unlimited generation” on the background of International Women’s Day (8

March) with an urgent reminder to exploit the demographic dividend, taking into account the country’s young population. Peace, economic development, social justice, tolerance – all these and more, today and tomorrow, depend on the use of youth power. Today, many young women and girls around the world are breaking down the barriers that once made them vulnerable to unequal opportunities and a conservative society. Everything has changed, and today many young women and girls in the world are taking leading positions in science, leading the public and private sectors.

Data from the Zambia Demographic and Health Survey (ZDHS) shows that youth (people aged 15-35) make up about 36.7% of the country’s total population, representing the largest number of youth as a proportion of the population in the country’s history. United. United Nations Population Fund (UNPF).

Youth Development Fund Zambia

In addition, the United Nations predicts that Zambia’s youth population will remain at 34-37% of the population for the next 20-30 years, while the World Bank estimates 56% of the local labor force is comprised of youth, and it is projected that It will be: continue to grow from now on. and in 2035

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The government created a number of policy frameworks to address youth unemployment and encouraged greater youth participation in the country’s economic development agenda. This is evident in the number of young women and men who have been given a platform to lead in government and the private sector. Despite these efforts, youth unemployment in Zambia is estimated to be around 10.5%, higher than the national average of around 7.4%.

The private sector has a role to play in complementing these efforts by introducing sustainable youth empowerment strategies for Zambia.

Having a young population gives us a great opportunity to create tangible and sustainable development for Zambia with a strong focus on youth empowerment now and in the future. With approximately 75% of Zambia’s population under the age of 30, the country needs to restructure its strategy to harness this young generation and create opportunities for the future. To achieve this, PMRC proposes:

Given the tenacity, brilliance and innovation shown by many Zambian youth, Generation Unlimited is fitting and appropriate and is clearly demonstrated by the capabilities and milestones achieved by our youth in agriculture and economic sectors, sports, media, mining, robotics : Innovation, Leadership, Film and Music Industry and many others too numerous to mention. And this has been made possible by the Government’s efforts to deliberately create an environment conducive to youth success and provide leadership opportunities to young people who serve as members of parliament and senior government officials, and those who lead the private sector.

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In line with the National Youth Policy and the Government’s National Action Plan on the theme “Towards skilled, enlightened, economically empowered youth and patriots with a positive impact on national development”, there is a need to overcome further obstacles through closer cooperation. Ministry of Youth and Sports and respective Govt. reporting to agencies and stakeholders on progress and addressing challenges affecting youth in the country.

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Youth Development Fund Zambia

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